Easy Hacks For Romance – Celebrate the month of Love With The Maeva Store

There are two types of people in the month of February – those who love the month, because it signifies a lingering sense of romance in the air and those who are worried, because they are never sure of what valentine day gifts to pick. It doesn’t matter which category you fall in, we suggest that you start this month with a trip to The Maeva Store (online or our retail store in Bengaluru). We can assure you that, if you even just browse through our website/store, the romance will start making its way into your heart and head!

If you have plans to go out somewhere or you already have a table booked somewhere, well good for you; but what about all those who have no idea what they are going to do to! Well, for all those people, we at The Maeva Store have plenty of products as well as ideas, which are sure to make this Valentines’ Day special and you will not have to step out for any of these!


Dried flower bouquet


· Who says you have to buy a ticket to travel the world – if you have an imagination that is strong enough and are willing to put in a little effort and know what to pick. You can bring home a little bit of Paris, if you pick the Paris Fleur Table Décor from The Maeva Store, which will remind you of the elongated balcony pots, filled with the most vibrant flowers. You can bring home some exquisite wine, some baguette and perhaps some cheese to create a very French ambience. Or why not take a trip to Italy – some well-made fettucine, a little extra grating of parmesan and some tiramisu to cap it all off!


Pillar candles


· If you want to find the best valentine day gifts for her, give her the day off! There is nothing more romantic than the man in your life, taking over the kitchen and preparing a meal for you. For the aspiring chefs, there are plenty of recipes they can try out and for the amateurs, even the simplest meals could be enough to win the heart of your lady, all over again! And once the meal is ready, do remember to set up the table – we suggest you go with a set of pillar candles on a tray or perhaps taper candles in one of our candlestands.


Valentine day collection


· But what if the chef of the house is the lady of the house – you can still turn up the romance, by joining her in the kitchen! Pick out a recipe that you feel that you both can try out together and get cooking. Keep some candles to turn up the ‘heat’ and enjoy saying sweet nothings in between too! There is no harm in licking off the spoon dripping with chocolate or perhaps dipping a few fingers in the sweet batter! After all, its not like you intend to share the final product with anyone, right (wink wink)!

· Cooking and food might not be on everyone’s platter, so for those people, a spa at home might be a good option. Your bedroom and even your bathroom can be converted into the most romantic places, as long as you know how to do it. For starters, pick a good number of shot glass candles or even monogram candles from The Maeva Store. dot these all around the bedroom or bathroom and do remember to pick one of our aromatherapy sets too. When you use a warm and musky scented essential oil or a mood elevator, you can be sure that the mood will be just right – give each other a massage or perhaps take a warm bath with plenty of bubbles and perhaps a glass of bubbly too! We have a feeling that this might be the most interesting valentine day gifts for him.



· Has your better half always been telling you get in some exercise? Well, this Valentine’s Day, why not turn your living room into a dance studio! Light up the candles and get ready for some waltzing – it doesn’t matter whether you get the moves right or wrong; you get to hold her really close, don’t you! Make sure to get the sofa and centre tables out of the way, but the Maeva Store bouquets can stay in those corners!

floral frames


· Its not necessary that all of us have to be dancers, because art can thrive in various other forms and when you create something together, there is a little something extra in that! Whether you like to paint with your significant other or just want to bring out some old photos to create a brand-new collage, there is something to make. And once the final art work is ready, you can use one of the floral frames that you can buy at The Maeva Store to showcase it to the world!

· And in case you are too lazy, too tired or too tied up to plan anything extensive, just bring out the softest blanket you have, curl up in front of your TV and pick a movie that you can watch together. Don’t forget the popcorn and the candles all over the room, because you will want to switch off all the lights to create that movie theatre ambience, but you do want that dash of romance, for which candles are perfect!

Now that you know how to bring back romance with all these ideas and you also know where to shop for all the décor items that you might need, its time to get cracking! And in case you have any other interesting ideas, drop us a message, because we would love to hear from you!

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