High Tea Party- A gorgeous time to catch up with your girls!

How do you arrange a trendy, boisterous and happening kitty party?

The trend of sophisticated High Tea Parties trails back to the 19th century when the ladies of the house met over tea in the evening to catch up. Ladies who love to spend some time in the evening with their closed ones have adopted this tradition across the world. The passion and elegance have remained the same while different cultures have adapted the concept of High Tea Parties with their own tweaks here and there.

We’ve put together our top tips for pulling off your very own high-tea party with panache.

Decide a theme: The key to a fun-filled soiree is to decide a theme- think of a theme, which is unusual, fun yet challenging! Themes like pirates, festival-based, Hollywood glamour are few examples, which will ensure your guests aren’t bored while preparing for it or while being at the party.

Throw light on the theme with some interesting props: Set the scene with some eye-catching decor that reflects your theme. Example: A garden tea party would be perfect for summer evenings. Firstly you will need some gorgeous tea-ware that will be sure to wow your guest, if you own a cake stand use it as a centerpiece, add some artistic British Teacup candles to light up the table set up and throw in a bunch of fresh flowers.

Decide the Spread: Make sure freshly brewed tea is set on the table ready to pour as your guests sit down. Tea is the star of the show of such evenings! Try to provide a variety of tea- Earl, chamomile, fruit, and herbal. Also, there aren’t any rules when it comes to food, but a standard high tea comprises of sandwiches, a layer or cake or cookies and teacakes. However, you could also throw in some scones, macaroons or biscuits.


Make it memorable: Pop in some sugar cookies or the small sized teacup candles in attractive paper bags so your guests have a little present to take away!


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