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  • Best ways to play around with our candle's glass jars!

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    Hola Amigos! We are back with a very interesting article or rather this is going to be the most exciting one so far. Like we always tell that our candle jars are versatile and re-usable once the wax is all used up. Today we are going to spill out a few amazing ways to use the containers.

     We have all kinds of beautiful containers: the glass jar, the tumbler, frosted glass, flared glass to name a few. A few out of 100 ways to use them are: makeup brush stand, as planters or grow your own plants in them, quickly add in the layers of mouthwatering food items and pat your back for recognizing the chef in you.

    We have chosen few effortless, hassle-free desserts/dishes that will be ready in no time to be devoured! Firstly, Don’t be lazy, make sure you wash the jar once the wax is all used up. Wash it the second time just to sure that the container has no wax particles and is free of fragrance. Now while it dries you choose from below the recipe you want to try and organize the ingredients accordingly. Let the drooling commence.

    Breakfast on the go: Fruit Parfait

    Candle jar used: 10 oz glass jar

    Prep time: 5 mins

    Setting time: 7 mins

    Total time: 12  mins


    Strawberry yogurt

    Sliced bananas


    Sliced Kiwi.


    Method: Let’s start with a thick layer of strawberry yogurt (or it could be any flavor of your choice), add a layer of banana (I added a little extra, coz why not?)  then add few tablespoons of Muesli.  You have completed the first set of layering in like a min. Bravo! Now let’s start with the second set, start by adding yogurt again, next add a layer of fresh cut kiwi (or any other fruit of your choice), and top it off with another layer of muesli to give it a crunchy finish.

    Note: You can add any fruit of your choice, even better add a mix of fruits to give it more flavor.


    Who can ever say no to pani-puris? The highlight of every party! You will just learn the chicest way of presenting pani-puris!

    Easy-peasy Snack: Pani-puri shots

    Candle jar usedEveryday votive shot glass

    Prep time: 10 mins

    Setting time: 5 mins

    Total time: 15  mins


    A packet of readymade Pani-puris

    For the mix:

    3-4 Potatoes

    2 green chilies- thinly sliced


    Cilantro- thinly sliced

    Salt to taste

    Paper boat- Jaljeera


    Method: Start by boiling the potatoes, meanwhile assemble the other ingredients.  Once boiled, peel it and mash the potatoes until you get a smooth texture. Now, add the cut chilies, cilantro, salt and mix well. Add chickpeas in the end.

    Pour the paper boat jaljeera in the shot glasses, add the potato mix to the puris and place it on top of the shot glasses. Add a little more drama by aligning the shot glasses in a setting (maybe a straight line, or form a triangle). Now you are ready to start the shots competition. Enjoy!


    Making desserts are the most fun. The one we made was easy, simple and delicious.

    Dessert heaven: Brownie-ice cream Heaven

    Candle jar used: Nalini Clear Glass

    Prep time: 5 mins

    Setting time: 7 mins

    Total time: 12  mins


    Chocolate brownies

    Oreo biscuits

    Strawberry/ vanilla ice-cream


    Dark chocolate


    Method: Start by grinding the brownies in a mixer. Remember, we need a thick texture. Next, grind the Oreo biscuits (without the cream) until you get a fine texture then keep aside. Now, in the clear glass jar, add a thick layer of brownies and then a thin layer of Oreo to add a little crunch. Now add a layer of ice-cream (flavor of your choice) and decorate it with few colorful gems. Bravo, you have finished the first set of layering. Now REPEAT all the steps to complete the second set of layering. Give it a stylish finish by adding a bar of dark chocolate. Now enjoy.


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