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  • Make Staying Focused During These Tough Times A Little Easier With Fragrances

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    There are certain smells that we always associate with pleasant memories – for some, it is the smell of earth, after the first rains, for others, it is the aroma of incense sticks in the prayer room. There are certain smells that always relax your mind and calm your body – these are the smells that remind you of something or someone nice or take you away to a world that is far away from the harsh realities of life.

    Unfortunately for us, we are at a time in our lives, where things are not in the best of state and we need that positive reinforcement. Almost all of us are locked inside our own homes, with nowhere to go and not much to do at home. Many of us are also having to work from home, which can prove to be quite tough, especially when you have multiple people at home; on the other hand, people who stay alone will also tell you a similar tale that they too miss a certain sense of comfort.

    However, if you are a regular shopper at the Maeva Store, then making an environment that comforts you and soothes you, should become a lot easier. Allow us to tell you a few simple tips and tricks that will help you stay focused a lot more easily, during these trying times.

    First of all, clear out an area that you intend to use as your workspace and then take a little time to set it up. If you have any floral bouquets, table décor or succulents that you have already purchased from the Maeva Store, set them up to make your workspace pretty and inspiring. Now, let’s move on to creating the perfect atmosphere – let’s say you have been assigned to write an article on travel and tourism, you will want to be actually sitting on a sunny beach, with one of those exotic looking cocktails by your side. Unfortunately, that would not be possible, but you can always create that same atmosphere, by using fragrances that remind you of the ocean. You can choose from your gorgeous looking Amalfi Coast candles or you could look at Walk by the Beach, because these are sure to transport you to the coast and you will be able to feel your creativity ramp up several notches.

    Now, let’s say, you need to get that extra energy to complete an urgent project for work, but your mind just refuses to wake up from this deep slumber like mood. The reed diffusers with some soothing spices, essential oils such as Lemon, Mandarin, Refresh, Energising, mood elevators such as Limitless and Walkin’ on Sunshine are great to pep you up and give you that zing in your step. And when you are done for the day, and just want to relax and retreat to some quiet corner of your mind, choose from the essential such as Spiritual, Patchouli, Serenity or mood elevators such as Space Of Your Own, Deep in the Forest or Quiet Rendezvous. And don’t worry if you don’t have all of these – use what you have and make sure that you add the rest to your wishlist!


    The great thing about these essential oils and mood elevators is that you need not get any special aromatherapy sets – if you have any one of the Maeva Store sets – Owl, Bunny, Amore, or Red Heart, you can use them!

    In case you have our wax sachet, White Tuberose or you have any of our fragranced sachets such as Seashore, Sandy Beach, Juicy Apples, Vanilla Spice, Gardenia, Exotic Garden, you can leave them hanging around anywhere in your home and their incredible fragrance will transport you to a better world.

    Try doing any of the above and we are sure it will your lockdown a little more efficient and interesting.

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  • Pantry- Heart in a Jar

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    Let’s get straight to the point! Who doesn’t dream of a fabulous looking pantry? Have you ever looked up how Khole Kardashian’s pantry looks like? If not then do it right away! Like all things Kardashians, it’s just perfect. This inspired us to create an exclusive range of pantry candles to add a hyper-modern feel to an otherwise simple pantry.

    No matter how small your kitchen is, find a space to create a panty, it will surely make handling of stock and your life easier. If you are considering restyling your pantry, read on! Here we are quickly giving out tips for a picture-perfect Pantry:

    • Commit to one color: If you are re-doing your pantry. We suggest you stick to one color. Decide the color value (refers to the darkness or lightness of the color). Dark colors tend to absorb light resulting in the space looking smaller. For an optimum look, go for soft-tones of off-white, blue and green.



    • Transform with wallpaper: If you think repainting is a lot of work then a simple DIY is all you need. Decide on the visual you want your pantry to have and go ahead and book the wallpaper accordingly. This will give your pantry a completely fresh look. 


    •   Easy Access: In a well-organized pantry it’s important that things are visible! We are talking about storage. Group things the way your family and you use them. Store food that is used on a daily basis in a place where it is easy to reach them. Maybe utilize the first two shelves and reserve the top shelves for bulk purchases or seasonal items.

    • The balancing act: Always make sure to use matching containers to give a very uniform look. This helps in providing a clear view. Get rid of the packaging for products like flour, cornflakes, and snacks. Use clear jars to store them or you could use solid colors and label them. This will make working in a pantry very efficient.

    • Draw attention to your pantry: This is our favorite part! A pop of color will add the subtle glam to an all-white kitchen. As mentioned above, we have an entire collection dedicated to the Pantry. Beautifully designed, these scented candles would fill your pantry with a refreshing and exhilarating aroma. The ivory wax when lit will push an instant pop of energy and make your cooking experience better. The pantry edition of candle sets the scene for a great gastronomic experience with invigorating scents that compliments all activities in your pantry. 

      Find our Pantry collection under Home and Garden at The Maeva Store.


    • Succulents can freshen the look of any space. Add a small succulent pot or a gather several of them to create a glamorous jungle. Our succulents are long-lasting, attractive and hassle-free. Find our Succulents under Florals collection at The Maeva Store.   

    • Last but not the least, Fragrance Sachets because why not?  These fragrance sachets instantly bring character to any space. Without a doubt, these sachets are a great choice for pantry storage areas, cabins and more. Find our Fragrance Sachets under Home Fragrance at The Maeva Store.                        

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