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  • Bring A Little Floral Into Your Life!

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    Flowers have a way of brightening up your day – whether someone gives you a single rose or a bouquet full of the most stunning flowers, flowers do bring a smile to your face. However, the sad thing about real flowers is that they die, you can’t keep them with your forever; but when you come to Maeva Store, you can keep those smiles and those flowers intact for the longest time. Welcome to the world of floral gorgeousness – at the Maeva Store, you will find so many things that will brighten up your life and at times, even your look!



    For instance, if you look at the floral jewelry and hair accessories, you will want to pick them all up. There are floral sets, which are completed with necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and even a mang tika and are a wonderful choice for a bride to be. If you have a friend who is getting married, you could choose from a complete pink set or a combination of pink and orange to gift to her. And do remember to pick out one or more floral hair combs or pins for yourself, so that you can shine too.



    When you have just purchased your new home or have moved into a new apartment, you will want to do everything to make them your own. The Maeva Store is first and foremost a lifestyle store that brings to you elegant statement pieces that will help add to the charm of your home décor. There is plenty to choose from, no matter what your taste or requirements. You can start with your entrance, and add a pretty floral toran, which will welcome everyone into your new abode. While we do offer the traditional marigold colored toran, we would suggest that you check out the entire range, because there is quite the chance that you might like the look of the pink ones too. And if you are not in the mood for torans, just pick out a lovely door hanging instead, in a color that catches your fancy.




    Once your guests are in, let them be surprised and astonished by the incredibly lifelike rangoli mats, which can be used in so many ways – leave them on the floor, hang them on the wall or place them inside a thali; the choice is all yours. There is also a stunning range of wall hangings to choose from – a cute white house full of flowers tucked behind a picket fence or simply pink roses spelling out the world Love! You will definitely want to check out the collection of wreaths. Whether you want an elaborate wreath to put on your front door or want something dainty to put around your candle, there will be plenty to choose from.



    Think flowers and you will automatically think of a bouquet with several different colors and fragrances, but the Maeva Store brings to you bouquets that will last you a lifetime. There are ornate and jewel-toned bouquets to choose from or if you want to have that feeling of eternal spring in your home, then too, we have them for you. Then there are also our succulents, which are a great way to bring the outdoors indoor and even your workstation!



    The Maeva Store is a wonderful place to shop for gifts too – we have a range of table décor that will not only be great for your loved ones, but also for your own home. You can pick from a birdcage filled with flowers or a bicycle basket that has a floral arrangement. Or pick one of our floral photo frames to set on your chest of drawers or your living room or when you want something quirky, you could look at our floral pens.

    The Maeva Store is a treasure trove of treasures, where you will find plenty of things to tickle your interest, and our floral collections will certainly have your heart skipping a beat!

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  • Why Are Roses The Most Romantic Flowers & How They Became Our Bestseller

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    “Heart of my heart, the world is young;
    Love lies hidden in every rose!”

                   – Alfred Noyes

    When it comes to romantic occasions like an anniversary of Valentine's day, the first gift that comes to mind is a a bouquet of red roses! Roses are mentioned in poetry, literature, art and everywhere in between! This flower is popularly immortalized in William Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet says, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Roses have become a part of popular culture as a symbol of passion, desire, love and is ritualized like no other flower in our history!

    So, how has the rose become so synonymous with all things love?

    Symbolic Meaning

    While a rose's petals are delicate, the flower grows out a thorny stem. This can be compared to the emotion of love! As love can be seen as a tender emotion, it can also bring bitter pain. Thus what better representation of the duality of passion and pain in love than the beautiful rose.

    The Myth of Aphrodite

    Looking far back in history to Greek mythology, the origin of the rose flower is derived from Adonis, the God of plants and rebirth. When Adonis was out hunting, one day Ares, the God of war, who was jealous of Adonis, sent a wild boar to harm him.

    However Ares shared this deception to knowledge with Aphrodite, who rushed to save him but scratched herself on a bush, spreading splatters of blood on their soft white flowers, turning the flowers red.

    Unfortunately, she was too late and could not prevent Adonis' death who died from a fatal wound to his thigh. As Aphrodite sank to the ground and shed tears over Ares' body, her tears fell into the pool of blood which gave rise to the rose flower.

    This myth can explain why the rose symbolizes eternal love o that will never fade - even after death.

    Cupid & Psyche

    Psyche was a stunning princess who roused the jealousy of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty who sent her son, Cupid to mete her with fitting punishment. In a twist of fate, he ended up falling for her and hid his identity for her protection. Curiosity overtook and she eventually unraveled his identity but to truly be his, she was given a set of arduous tasks by Venus. Empathetic to her deep love, various forces of the Earth helped her in her journey and she was finally united with her lover affirming the immense power of true love. 

    Jupiter is so delighted by this marriage that he asks his daughters to make everything “glow with roses,” by scattering the petals all across the land. 

    Zephrus and Flora

    Another story talks of the love Zephyrus had for Flora, the Goddess of flowers. As the Goddess showed no interest in anything but flowers, he transformed into a rose flower and when Flora saw the delicately beautiful rose, she kissed it thus sealing their relationship. The myth seems to say that when love is given a union between souls, it produces a beauty and joy like no other.

    Another story speaks of the origination of the name rose itself. When Flora was struck by Cupid’s arrow and wanted to call for Eros, she was unable to properly say the word Eros but made it sound like “ros” due to her pain. The utterance of “rose” caused Eros to be synonymous to the flower.


    Inspired by such folklore, we at Maeva knew that we needed to dedicate an entire collection to the beautiful rose scent and love. And you seem to agree with all the love you've been showering to our 'Cupid & Psyche' collection with it's signature misty rose scent. So much so that the collection was last month's bestseller! 


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