Top 5 easy ways to refresh your home


Rearrange your décor: 

Anytime you are craving for a fresh look in your home, start with rearranging the décor. Be it your bedroom, living room or even dining room in that matter, when you move around things you add freshness and a new look to your space. Move around the furniture too, play around the flower bouquets, bring out the stocked scented candles! Basically, you revamp your space without spending much or nothing at all.


Less is more:

Too many or too much is a crowd. Mostly because it’s kind of difficult to maintain a space that has too many things. Go for the minimalist approach. For example, one oversized frame above the bed or in the living room, a wreath at the entrance or a combination of scented candles and medium-sized dried floral arrangement in your living room.



Treat all your senses in every corner:

Think more than just pleasing your eyes. Delight other senses with soft fragrances. Be it a diffuser in your bathroom for a comforting bathing experience or sleep-inducing aromatherapy oils. These products not only add both to your aesthetics but also heal your tired soul.


Find the perfect coffee table for your living room:

This can be challenging. Think of a coffee table that can easily accommodate the coffee table essentials, as well as few décor pieces to maintain the aesthetics. Keep simple and small-sized objects on the coffee table. Maybe a ceramic burner with a dried or natural succulent of your choice. Even a group of candles will make for quite a stylish décor.



Decide the vibe you want to create depending on the season:

Take inspiration from the ongoing trends. Bring home the fragrance of the season, choose décor according to the color palette you want to create. Try mixing vintage with modern for a unique feel.


Hope this blog helps you if you are looking to play around with home decor. All the products you see above is from The Maeva Store. 

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