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Giving wedding gifts has always been an important event which is looked forward to by the newly married couple.  This is a chance for family and friends to show their love, happiness and support towards the newlyweds.There are some fascinating stories behind the origin of this practice.

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Marrying for love and romance hasn’t been around nearly as long as the 700 year old tradition of bride gifts. Before marrying for love and romance came into the picture, the primary reason why a couple married was economic.  Centuries ago society existed without government or social welfare programs so it was upon the groom and his future in-laws to create economic security for the bride.  And if unfortunately she became widowed, the bride could draw on these wedding gifts as financial assets and be financially secure. 

Fast forward a couple thousand years to the age of Renaissance where a bride would be bid goodbye with ornate marriage chests,  traditionally made of wood and decorated as richly according to their means to show it off as a status symbol when the bride arrived at her new home. Across the Middle East, where houses were traditionally sparsely furnished, such a chest would be placed in the woman’s area, where it could quietly continue to announce its status.These chests held all the bride's future wife goods, which she would need to embark on married life. 

Red paint under brass studs and appliqué plates of this 19th-century “Zanzibar” chest 


This marriage chest turned into something more symbolic and it was common for American brides to be gifted a leather key basket. It would contain keys to chests, cupboard and in her new house reflecting her new status as 'mistress' of the house. 

In Indian customs, wedding gifts developed from the idea of 'Shagun' which is a kind of wedding gift given to the bride and groom as part traditional rituals. And this is generally in the form of cash where the amount ends in the number 1 as '0' signifies the end while '1' signifies the beginning.

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With the changing social customs and the decrease in financial motivations to marriages, today's wedding presents vary from kitchenware, cash, gift cards, household items to impersonal photo frames, flowers and more. This wedding season why not gift the newlyweds personal and memorable gifts they'll actually use? Choose from Maeva's wedding collection of candles aptly called 'Mr & Mrs' which are designed in soft shades of silver and turquoise, scented with sweet 'White Tuberose' and made gifting deeply emotional and beautiful again!



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