MAEVA: Artisanal Living

"Your home should tell a story of who you are and be a collection
of what you love" 
- Nate Berkus.

Maeva is the brainchild of Ramesh Flowers India (P) Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of home fragrance products since its inception in 1982. Ramesh Flowers India (P) Ltd is a subsidiary of the GALA GROUP, headquartered in Bavaria, Germany. 

"Maeva is a collection of keepsakes of smell and sound, of warmth, of small victories,
language and travel, of kindness and courage, of love and its manifestation."

Maeva came into existence six years ago to celebrate moments. At Maeva, we believe that there is a powerful connection between emotions, memories, and scent. The Maeva journey began with the drive to produce thoughtful and personal gifts that can emotionally motivate people to experience and spread a sense of joy, love, and peace.

We are committed to continuously bringing luxurious, long-lasting, and versatile home decor to the Indian market. Maeva sought to create pieces that not only help you relive your memories but also suit your modern Indian home.

Our brand truly believes that the future is female. We are proud that the proportion of our women employees is >80%. In addition, we make persistent efforts to engage in women's advancement by encouraging and establishing several mentoring initiatives.

On the occasion of Maeva completing four years, we present our new logo and our very first retail store cum an experience store.

We wanted our logo to be more inclusive and showcase the elements and ideas we hold. The logo incorporates and celebrates the strong women that surround us.

Furthermore, it stands for the sustainable way of life by choosing natural fragrances and dyes, naturally dried flowers and botanicals to create long-lasting arrangements.