Aaral Floral Strings - Set of 2

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Maeva introduces handmade Aaral floral strings to add style and opulence to your festive decor.
- The Maeva Aaral floral string is visually stunning and a feast for the senses.
- Crafted with love and care, each frame is a labor of love, meticulously handmade as our expression of care and attention.
- The combination of shola kadam, artificial flowers, and kadam in this floral creates an atmosphere of elegance that radiates from carefully curated floral arrangements and cherished festive moments alike.
- The length of the floral string is 5 feet.
- Here's a cheeky heads-up - these blooms in the strings are crafted, not cultivated. Colors might vary, but each variation is a masterpiece. And remember, they're as delicate as they are beautiful, so handle with love and a sprinkle of awe!

Introducing our Aaral Floral Strings - Set of 2, designed to infuse your festive decor with elegance and charm. Handcrafted by Maeva, these floral strings feature meticulously strung dried flowers, adorned with a golden bell for a touch of traditional allure. Ideal for door or wall-hanging decorations, these floral strings offer versatility and convenience. Experience the effortless elegance of Maeva's handmade creations and elevate your decor to new heights.

Product dimensions: 5 ft

Flowers/Decorative used:
- Orange Artificial kadam
- Orange Shola Kadam
- Silver metal ring
- Gold Plastic bell
- Artificial flower head Phalaenopsis green

- Botanical arrangements meant for indoor use only.
- Keep the floral arrangements away from direct sunlight.
- Store away from moisture and avoid contact with water.
- To keep the floral arrangement dust-free, use the hairdryer at cool mode from at least 15 inches away to clean or a low-pressure vacuum cleaner.
- In case of white powdery spots on the arrangement, gently wipe the flowers and leaves with a dry cloth. Or use a soft muslin cloth dipped in glycerine to clean the white spots.

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Nurtured with the right tender loving care, our artisan-crafted botanical arrangements promise a blooming lifespan of several months to an impressive 2 years or beyond!
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