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Rangolis are an integral part of Indian customs and festival celebrations, and we often see the entrance of homes decorated with beautiful and ethereal rangolis. You can check out Maeva’s Abit Rangoli Mats and add great festive fervour to your homes.
- The elegance and gratefulness of colorful Abir Rangoli Mats is a feast for the eyes.
- It has been meticulously crafted with love and care and is completely handmade signifying personal care and attention towards the product.
- The beautiful combination of bead, rings, red velvet cloth and laxmi coins creates a charming and positive environment radiating from artistically catalogued floral arrangements.
- The Rangoli mats are compact and are ideal for small and medium sized houses.
- Dimension of the Abir Rangoli mat is 22 inches.
- Just a small heads up - these mats are masterpieces of top-notch craftsmanship. They are as delicate as they are beautiful so handle with lots of love and care.
- Colors might vary but every Rangoli mat is an outstanding piece of aesthetic artistry in itself.

Embrace the spirit of festivity with our enchanting Abir Rangoli Mat. Rangoli depicts happiness and positivity and is one of the warmest ways to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. They are often drawn outside the house on festive occasions to experience spiritual and divine energy and serenity. Our rangoli mat collection introduces fabric that is made of three layers of cutout petals forming a beautiful flower shape and is hand-decorated with sequins, motifs, and laces. Designed to spread happiness and positivity, each reusable rangoli mat offers a modern twist on traditional rangolis. 


Product dimensions: 22 inches

Components Used:
- Red-Gold Thread
- Laxmi coins
- Plastic ring beads with gold thread
- Plastic gold ring
- Glass mirror
- Boat shape golden beads
- Non woven flower petal
- Red Velvet cloth
- Six Petal flowers voil/canvas

- Botanical arrangements meant for indoor use only
- Keep the floral arrangements away from direct sunlight
- Store away from moisture and avoid contact with water
- To keep the floral arrangement dust-free, use the hairdryer at cool mode from at least 15 inches away to clean.
- If the arrangement has white powdery spots, gently wipe the flowers and leaves with a dry cloth. Alternatively, use a soft muslin cloth dipped in glycerine to clean the white spots.

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Nurtured with the right tender loving care, our artisan-crafted botanical arrangements promise a blooming lifespan of several months to an impressive 2 years or beyond!
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