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It is customary to begin the festivities with a puja at home. Our Anagha Puja box consists of the essentials to start the puja and get the festivities going. This luxurious Puja box makes for a thoughtful gift or is a personal must-have!


Diwali Pooja box ingredients content list:

1. Supari: A tough nut to crack, it symbolizes loyalty and a strong bond. It also depicts the surrender of alter ego.

2. Mauli/Raksha Dhaga: Mauli or Raksha Dhaga is a holy red thread tied on the wrist before the commencement of a religious ceremony. A spiritual combination of red and yellow is known to protect from evils. 

3. Kumkum: The red color of Kumkum was associated with fertility, blood, and life. Red is a very auspicious and holy colour

4. Haldi: Haldi is yellow turmeric powder, which is an antiseptic. It signifies removing negative energy.

5. Chandan: Used to anoint the murti of Gods and Goddesses.

6. Akshat/rice: Akshata refers to the unbroken and uncooked rice grains that is offered to the deity. Akshata is known to bring prosperity, fertility, and bounty. 

7. Kapur: The use of Kapur is said to appease God and Goddesses. It destroys the negative energies and replaces them with positivity. 

8. Kamal Gatta: Kamal Gatta is used for chanting Laxmi mantras and performing puja at home. It is believed that worshipping Goddess Laxmi's mantras using this lotus seed brings an abundance of wealth and prosperity.

9. Dhaniya seeds: Coriander seeds are considered a symbol of wealth. 

10.Cloves: Clove is considered very sacred in Hinduism. It is believed to fill the house with positivity when kept in the place of worship. It brings happiness and prosperity to the home. 

11. Pooja Aasan: Adorn your temple and the pooja ceremonies with this beautiful Aasan. The Aasan is used to enhance the appearance of your pooja place. 

12.Lakshmi foot: Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped as the Goddess of bringing wealth, good luck, and prosperity. It is believed if you keep a pair of Lakshmi's feet at the entrance of the house with the feet pointing inwards, it brings prosperity.

13. Pooja oil: Each of the ingredients has their spiritual benefits, and when the oil is used during pujas it invokes peace, prosperity, and an atmosphere of purity. 

14. Diya: It is believed that the lamp's light fades away all negativity, bestows knowledge, and brings in wealth, health, and prosperity. Lighting diyas signifies the victory of good over evil.

15. Cotton Bati: Dip and leave the cotton wicks in hot oil or ghee for some time. The cotton bati light symbolizes positivity, knowledge, peace. 

16. Scented candle: An iridescent candle to add to your Diwali decorations. This will fill your space with a refreshing and welcoming aroma

17. Aarti Sheet: It is said that performing Lakshmi puja on the day of Diwali followed by chanting of Vedic mantras and aarti brings peace and prosperity.

18. Tealights: Tealights are a festive essential. Fill your corners with our long-burning tealights and add to the warmth and glow of Diwali.

19. Incense Holder: Gold lotus designed incense holder crafted in brass metal. It symbolizes purity and renunciation. Light your favorite incense in this masterpiece, which makes up a beautiful centerpiece.

20. Ganga Jal: In Hinduism, Ganga river water is called the 'water of immortality due to its extraordinary quality. Gangajal has a distinctive aura and creates positive vibrations making it the ideal water for poojas. 

21. Mishri: Mishri is offered to a Goddess as a bhog and distributed as prasad later. 

22. Attar: Attars are used to anoint Gods and Goddesses. Also, Goddess Lakshmi is believed to stay in a place that smells good. So use it mildly, make your home smell pleasant, and enjoy the blessings.

23. Agarbatti: Incense sticks are lit to fill the space with a pleasant fragrance. The act of incense sticks completely burning to ashes to fill the room with aroma symbolizes the sacrifice of oneself to others.

24. Incense cones: Burn the incense cones to cleanse and clean the air of negative energies.

25. Idol frame: Idol frame is a must-have to commence the puja. To ensure positivity and to enhance the spiritual quotient of your home, it is important to place all the deities and idols in the correct place. Place them in such a way that the worshipper is facing the North-East direction or the North or East while praying.

26. Seashells/ cowries: Cowrie shells are of great significance in the worship of Goddess Lakshmi. Those who have these cowries with them during the puja get the blessing of both Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi and gain success, prosperity, and wealth.


- When using items from the box, handle them gently to avoid any accidental damage to the glass jar, metallic tapers, candleholder, or accessories.
- Store the box in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve the quality and freshness of the items for future use or display.
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