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Introducing our Beige & Gold Table Decor, an exquisite arrangement that brings an exclusive ambience to any space or occasion.
- The exquisite artistry in Maeva’s Beige & Gold Table Decor offers a stunning visual appeal.
- Crafted with love and care, each table decor is a labor of love, punctiliously handmade as our personal expression of care and attention.
- The magnificent combination of gold shola rose, lemon leaves, and corn grasses in this floral table decor creates an atmosphere of elegance and positivity and fills your most cherished moments with warmth and love.
- The height of these table decor is 20 cm.
- Here's a cheeky heads-up - these blooms in the table decor are completely crafted. Colors might vary, but each variation is a masterpiece. And remember, they're as tender as they are beautiful, so handle with lots of care and a sprinkle of awe!
- As it is a floral decor, it may experience some shedding.

Embrace your Christmas tablespace with our enchanting Beige and Gold Table Decor. Our Christmas table decor will liven up your guests and make them feel extra special. The terracotta pot houses the most stunning dried flower arrangement that will make for a memorable festive decoration. The table decor features handcrafted beige shola roses with glittery tips, tiny gold sprayed shola roses, dried green leaves, and corn grasses, making it a beautiful addition to your home decor.


Product dimensions: 20 cm Height

Flowers & Fillers used:
- Ceramic Chimney Jar
- Lemon Leaves
- Palmyra fibre
- Rattan gum ball
- Shola beauty rose
- Sabulosum gold touch/glitter
- Corn grass

- Botanical arrangements meant for indoor use only
- Keep the floral arrangements away from direct sunlight
- Store away from moisture and avoid contact with water
- To keep the floral arrangement dust-free, use the hairdryer at cool mode from at least 15 inches away to clean.
- If the arrangement has white powdery spots, gently wipe the flowers and leaves with a dry cloth. Alternatively, use a soft muslin cloth dipped in glycerine to clean the white spots.

NOTE: There are only returns or exchanges if there is transit damage.

- Make sure to keep the florals clean. For any dust that settles on it, use a low-pressure vacuum to take it off. It will be as good as new.
For Domestic orders: We dispatch orders within 2 to 5 business days of placing them on the website. However, depending on the delivery location, the shipment is delivered within 3 to 10 business days.
For International orders: All international orders are processed within 7-8 days and you can expect delivery within 1-2 weeks
Nurtured with the proper tender loving care, our artisan-crafted botanical arrangements promise a blooming lifespan of several months to an impressive 2 years or beyond!
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