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Come home to the soothing freshness of nature with our Botanical Diffuser Fresh Cotton!
  • Bring home a burst of freshness with our aromatherapy diffuser, which is not only calm and fresh but also refreshing!
  • Enjoy bursts of fresh, clean fragrance in your home with our aromatherapy diffusers.
  • The chic reed diffuser bottle also comes with botanical elements like shola flowers and reeds, making it captivating while bringing an element of nature indoors.
  • Choosing a calming scent like this will surely bring your mom peace and calm at home, making it an ideal gift to show your appreciation long after Mother's Day!

Revitalize your daily routine by a touch of natural fragrances to your living space. Enrich your environment with delightful scents, fostering a sense of tranquillity and relaxation through our Botanical Reed Aroma Diffuser. Surround yourself with the refreshing aroma of the tantalizing summer florals, creating a serene ambience that envelops you with warmth. Whether for some me-time, sharing with loved ones, or as a thoughtful gesture, our botanical aroma diffusers bring the essence of nature into your home. Personalize your gift with custom labels, adding a distinctive touch to your decor and enriching every moment with nature's gentle aromas.


Product Customization

At Maeva, we understand the need for customization for corporate gifting. We offer a wide range of options for customizing your special gifts. Whether you want to incorporate your organization's logo, add personalized messages, or include season's greetings on the label, we take care of you. Please note that the price for customization is separate and may vary for bulk quantities.

Elevate your corporate and bulk gifts this festive season with Maeva. Contact us to explore our customization options, discuss pricing, and place your order. We look forward to making your festive gifting truly memorable.


Fragrance Name : FRESH COTTON
Products Dimension :15.5*11*28.5 cm
Quantity of refresher Oil : 177 ml
Weight : 700 gm
Box Dimension : 24*17*30cm
- Do not light the diffuser reeds.
- Keep the diffuser reeds out of reach of pets and children.
- Electrical appliances should be located away from diffusers.
- Always flip the reeds whenever you notice the dispersing of scent.
- Use less reeds if the scent is too strong or the place is small and packed.
For Domestic orders: We dispatch orders within 2 to 5 business days of placing them on the website. However, depending on the delivery location, the shipment is delivered within 3 to 10 business days.
For International orders: All international orders are processed within 7-8 days and you can expect delivery within 1-2 weeks.
Our 100% pure essential oils boast an 18-month shelf life, crafted with authenticity and sustainability in mind. Ideal for warmers, they're blended with care and packaged eco-consciously for lasting freshness.
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