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As we welcome the festival of love and lights, Chandini by Maeva is a collection that beautifully pays homage to Indian customs and culture. Handcrafted in hues of white and gold, Chandini is a scintillating combination of joy and beauty. The collection depicts eternal love, feminine strength and grace.
The celebration of Diwali takes place on the day of the new Moon when the sky is at its darkest, and our Chandini collection beautifully begins the celebration, lights up your doors and hallways, and sets the perfect festive mood.

The Door Hangings are created in vibrant hues to give Goddess Lakshmi the warmest of welcomes. Dried shola flowers and leaves, beads, laces, and latkans were hand-decorated and strung together to create the most unconventional decor piece. Bring home these pieces that beautifully depict the traditional values of Indian festivals while keeping them modern and elegant—an effortless way to add lustre to your festive gala.

The chandini door hangings consist of Dried shola flowers and leaves, beads, laces, and latkans that were hand-decorated and strung together to create the most unconventional decor piece.

“It was her imperfection that made her beautiful”

A botanical story 🌸

Picked up from the foot of the trees

I am then dyed and dried.

A fallen petal or a broken leaf,

is still a part of me.

Take care of me,

Because I am as beautiful as I am supposed to be.

Please note:

Most of our botanicals are natural and dried. A little wear and tear are a part of its nature and beyond our control. We hope you fall in love with its imperfections.


Dimension - 5 ft.

Care for your florals 💐

Our floral arrangements are made for every home, yet your unique handcrafted arrangement must be taken care of.

We have some easy tips for you!

- The arrangements are meant for indoor use only. For them to last longer keep them away from direct sunlight.

- Refrain from getting it wet.

- In case you see white powder or spots forming on the leaves, use a dry cloth to wipe it off. For additional care, we suggest the leaves are wiped with a soft muslin cloth dipped in glycerin. This will protect the arrangements in highly humid regions.

- Make sure to keep the florals clean. For any dust that settles on it, use a low-pressure vacuum to take it off. It will be as good as new.


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