Christmas Tree Metal Cage Potpourri

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Our Golden metal Christmas tree is filled with the classic red and green potpourri smells of the fresh and sweet blood orange.
- Our Potpourri is 100% pure with natural fragrance.
- Fill your home with positive vibes and uplifting fragrance with Maeva’s Christmas tree metal cage potpourri.
- The dimension of the potpourri is 36 cm height.
- The potpourri contains a winter blood orange fragrance.
- These potpourri are a good choice for relaxation & stress relief.

Get into the Christmas mood by decorating your home! Our Christmas-themed metal cage potpourri is a great start. The Golden Christmas Tree, filled with red and green potpourri, smells like fresh and sweet Blood Orange. Put it in your living space for a warm Christmas vibe and a lovely orange scent with a hint of berries. It's an easy way to make your home feel festive and smell amazing!

Dimensions: 36 cm Height
Fragrance: Winter Blood Orange
- Botanical arrangements meant for indoor use only.
- Keep the floral arrangements away from direct sunlight Store away from moisture and avoid contact with water.
- To keep the floral arrangement dust-free, use the hairdryer at cool mode from at least 15 inches away to clean.
- If the arrangement has white powdery spots, gently wipe the flowers and leaves with a dry cloth. Alternatively, use a soft muslin cloth dipped in glycerine to clean the white spots.

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Crafted with care, our botanical arrangements offer a blooming lifespan of up to 18 months. From exquisite scents to eco-friendly materials, our products bring lasting beauty to your space.
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