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Smudging is an age-old practice traditionally used to ward off negative energy and also spiritual rejuvenation.
- Fill your home with positive vibes and uplifting fragrance with Maeva’s Cinnamon Smudge Bundles.
- Cinnamon has been widely used by different communities for several centuries and is known for its aromatic and protecting qualities.
- The weight of these bundles is 300 gms and the dimensions are 17.5 cm.
- Once the smudge bundle is completely lit, you can repurpose the glass bundles for your pantry or vanity needs.
- The smudge bundle has been meticulously developed after consultation with experts in order to give a refreshing fervour to your home.
- Keeping in mind environmental sustainability and health impact on our users, the smudge bundle is completely organic without any use of chemicals.

Elevate your home’s ambience by adding a sprinkle of fresh energy and tranquillity with our Cinnamon Smudge Bundles. Burning these bundles naturally cleanses a space and can make you feel more positive. They are known to improve the energy flow in your home. Burn the cinnamon smudge bundle to attract good vibrations of prosperity and enrich your physical and spiritual body. Light the end of the bundle and let the smoke waft into the air. Spread the aromatic fragrance of these bundles by holding them and walking to all parts of your home. 


Dimension: 17.5 cm
Product Weight: 300 gm

Filler/Components Used: - Marikolunthu
- Coriander grass
- Cassia Vera
- Thuja Leaves
- Aniseed
- Vetiver
- Sage leaves
- Biryani leaves

Filler used:
- Cinnamon Fragrance oil
- Glass tube with cork

- Keep the burning smudge bundles away from the reach of children and pets.
- Burn these bundles in a well-ventilated place to avoid smoke build-up.
- Never leave burning smudge bundle unattended as it can lead to fire hazards.
- After lighting the bundles, you can carefully extinguish the flame by blowing or shaking it off. The smudge stick will release smoke gently like incense sticks. It is the smoke that does the work and there is no need for the bundle to remain lit.

NOTE: Our handcrafted smudge bundles are 100% organic and are dried to last longer. Wear and tear is a part of nature, and we hope you fall in love with its imperfections, if any.

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Crafted with care, our botanical arrangements offer a blooming lifespan of up to 18 months. From exquisite scents to eco-friendly materials, our products bring lasting beauty to your space.
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