Clary Sage Essential Oil

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Clary sage essential oils provide a natural way to support your well-being and enhance your environment.
- Our essential oils are 100% pure with natural fragrance.
- These essential oils are carefully blended and packed in very secure and sanitized environmental conditions.
- These essential oils are good to use in warmers.
- These essential oils blend with Clary Sage Oil.
- These essential oils are a good choice for relaxation & stress relief.
- These essential oils come in 30 ml, 1FL Oz bottles.

Clary sage bears an aroma that is blossomy/herbaceous which helps instill a calm and relaxing environment. Long known as the “woman’s oil”, Clary sage soothes the stressed nerves and sensitiveness aggravated by the female hormonal cycle.


Disclaimer: This oil is not for topical use, it's only meant for fragrance diffusers.

Weight: 30 ml, 1 FL Oz
Blends: Clary Sage Oil
Use a few drops of this oil in warm water in the bowl of a fragrance diffuser to scent your home.
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