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The collection Anagha is an ode to the Goddess of wealth, prosperity, and purity. The hand-illustrated motifs are a contemporary re-imagination of the captivating journey of passion, power, and strength and intricately expressed in a contrasting play of colours.

No puja is complete without the offering of coconut to the diety. The offering of coconut symbolises our total surrender to the divine power. The Anagha collection offers an embellished coconut hand-decorated with colourful strings, silk flowers, beads and festive accessories to add charm to your puja thali and rituals.

- When using the Embellished Coconut for puja or rituals, handle it gently to avoid damaging the intricate decorations and embellishments.
- Periodically wipe the Embellished Coconut with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust or debris, keeping it looking vibrant and fresh for your puja ceremonies.
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