French Lavender Potpourri Jar

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Add a personal touch to your home with our collection of potpourris. A great way of adding some color and lovely fragrance around your home. 

Just place it anywhere and add some texture to your decor.

Dimensions: NA
Fragrance: French Lavender
- Revitalize your potpourri by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil directly onto the dried botanicals. This will not only enhance the fragrance but also extend the lifespan of your potpourri.
- Periodically clean the potpourri by gently shaking it in a sieve or strainer to remove any dust or debris. You can also lightly mist the potpourri with a mixture of water and essential oil to refresh the scent and rejuvenate the botanicals.
- Place the potpourri in a well-ventilated area occasionally to allow it to air out and release any trapped odors. This will help refresh the scent and keep your potpourri smelling fresh.
- Gently dust the surface of the potpourri with a soft brush or cloth to remove any accumulated dust or debris. This will help keep your potpourri looking clean and vibrant.
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