Golden Pine Cone X-mas Ornament

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Bring a golden glow to your Christmas tree with our exquisite Golden Pine Cone X-mas Ornament, a radiant addition to any festive display.
  • Our Golden Pine Cone X-Mas Ornament transforms your Christmas tree into a winter wonderland.
  • Adorned with delicate glitter, these golden pine cones add a touch of magic to your holiday display.
  • With easy-to-use hanging loops, these baubles effortlessly elevate your tree's charm
  • The dimension of the bauble is 11.5 x 15 cm.
  • Whether starting a new theme or enhancing your collection, these baubles are the perfect addition to your holiday decor.

Deck your Christmas tree with the exquisite Golden Pine Cone X-mas Ornament, a must-have addition to your collection of Christmas tree ornaments. From matte to gleaming gold finishes, these pine cone ornaments add a touch of elegance to your holiday decor. Each ornament comes with a loop for easy hanging. Whether you're starting from scratch or expanding your collection, these baubles promise to elevate your tree with their unique charm.

Pro-tip: Hang the bauble in your hallway or stack them up in a transparent vase or tray to create a bespoke festive styling.

Dimensions: 11.5 x 15 cm
  • Keep the ornaments away from direct sunlight
  • Place the ornaments in a low-humidity environment
  • When hanging the bauble decor on your Christmas tree, handle them gently to avoid any accidental damage to the delicate embossed designs and metallic finish.
  • After the holiday season, store the bauble decor in a sturdy container or box lined with tissue paper to prevent scratching and ensure they remain in pristine condition for the following year's festivities.
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