Mother's Day Big Floral Envelope

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What could be more heartwarming than surprising your mother with a stunning botanical arrangement to express your deepest affection? Gift your mother a beautiful token of love with a decorative floral arrangement made with a handcrafted bouquet of stunning flowers and leaves. Carefully handpicked and treated using methods like air drying and silica gel drying, we ensure that our botanical arrangements retain their vividness and innate beauty. By gently removing moisture, we preserve the integrity of these flowers, ensuring they remain vibrant and cherished for countless Mother's Days ahead!


Product Dimensions: 25 cm X 5 cm X 27 cm
Contents: Alfa Grass, Gypsophila Bunch, Canella, Handmade Shola Flowers, Ratan Gum Balls, Amarth Leaves
Product Weight: 400 gms
- Store away from moisture and avoid contact with water.
- To keep the floral arrangement dust-free, use the hairdryer at cool mode from at least 15 inches away to clean.
- In case of white powdery spots on the arrangement, gently wipe the flowers and leaves with a dry cloth. Or use a soft muslin cloth dipped in glycerine to clean the white spots.

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