Parijat Incense Sticks

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Delve into tradition with our Parijat incense sticks, integral to cultural and spiritual practices. Immerse yourself in invigorating scents, attracting positive energy into your home.
- Specially curated from ancient incense creation techniques.
- Carefully handcrafted from temple flowers and used natural extracts of Parijat for aromatic enrichment.
- The higher absorption rate of essential oils for longer diffusion.
- Each incense stick is 6 mm thicker and has a dense composition.
- Perfect for prayers, rituals and meditation sessions.
- Each pack contains 15 sticks.
- Burn time is 2 hours.

Experience the essence of tranquillity with our Parijat Incense Sticks. Embrace its sweet woody aroma for psychological and physiological rejuvenation. Incense sticks have a plethora of benefits. Perfect for soothing the chaos of daily life, the Parijat Incense Stick promises to elevate your senses and restore balance to your soul. These scented sticks are 100% organic and will immerse you in the divine journey of exquisite calm and relaxation.   

How to Use?

- Light a match and hold it at the tip of the stick until a flame is seen

- Blow out the flame

- Place the Oud incense stick on the stand away from the reach of children and pets

- Enjoy the serene and vibrant fragrance

Product dimension: Height 10 inches and thickness 6mm
Fragrance: Parijat
Product color: Mustard
Product Weight: 122 gms
- Burn the incense stick in a well-ventilated home to avoid smoke buildup.
- Keep the lit incense stick away from the reach of pets and children.
- If you or your family members are suffering from any respiratory illness, avoid burning these incense sticks.
- Never leave a lit incense stick unattended, as it can cause fire accidents.

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For Domestic orders: We dispatch orders within 2 to 5 business days of placing them on the website. However, depending on the delivery location, the shipment is delivered within 3 to 10 business days.
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Our 100% organic incense sticks boast an impressive shelf life of 18 months, having been crafted keeping in mind purity and environmental efficiency. Perfect for religious and spiritual rejuvenation, the processing and packaging of our incense sticks are 100% eco-friendly.
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