Scented Serenity Blush Peony Reed Diffuser

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Celebrate the limitless love of motherhood with Maeva's Blush Peony Reed Diffuser. Gift your mother a home decor fragrance that not only mirrors her comforting embrace but also fills her living space with delightful scents, creating a serene ambience that reflects the warmth and tenderness of maternal love. Envelop your home with uplifting natural fragrances that not only sweeten moments shared with your mom but also evoke cherished memories, making you feel nostalgic and closer to her. As a heartfelt tribute to motherhood, our unique glass bottle-shaped aroma diffuser brings the essence of nature's love into your home, celebrating the extraordinary bond between mother and child and enriching every moment.

Dimensions: 6.5 cm x 8.5 cm
Fragrance: Blush Peony
Oil Weight: 80 ml
Rotate reeds regularly: To ensure optimal scent diffusion, gently rotate the reeds every week to refresh and invigorate the fragrance in your space.
Keep away from direct sunlight: Place your reed diffuser in a cool, shaded area away from direct sunlight to prevent the fragrance from evaporating too quickly and to maintain its potency for longer.
Avoid placing near air vents: Position your reed diffuser away from air vents and drafts to prevent rapid evaporation and ensure a consistent, lingering scent throughout your home.
Cleanse and refresh: Periodically clean the bottle and reeds with a soft cloth to remove dust and debris, and replace the reeds every few months to maintain optimal scent diffusion and enjoyment.
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