Star-struck Christmas Tree

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Do you hear what we hear?  Yes, the sound of rustling wrapping paper, carols being sung, prayers being whispered and lots of laughter! It’s time to get the tree up. Wrapped with LED strings, our Christmas tree will add sparkle to unexpected places. Our Christmas tree can be preserved much after the festivities are over, leaving you with priceless memories whenever you lay your eyes on them.

Dimensions: 40 cm
Weight: 840 gm
- The arrangements are meant for indoor use only. For them to last longer keep it away from direct sunlight.
- Refrain from getting it wet.
- In case you see white powder or spots forming on the leaves, use a dry cloth to wipe it off. For additional care, we suggest the leaves are wiped with a soft muslin cloth dipped in glycerin. This will protect the arrangements in highly humid regions.
- Make sure to keep the florals clean. For any dust that settles on it, use a low-pressure vacuum to take it off. It will be as good as new.
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