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Introducing our exclusive product, Warm Hug Essential Oil, meticulously crafted to envelop your senses in a comforting embrace of support and joy effortlessly.
- Our essential oils are 100% pure with natural fragrance.
- These essential oils are carefully blended and packed in very secure and sanitized environmental conditions.
- These essential oils are good to use in warmers.
- These essential oils blend with Geranium, Rose, Clary Sage, Orange, & Jasmine.
- These essential oils are a good choice for relaxation & stress relief.
- These essential oils come in 15 ml bottles.

Indulge in the comforting embrace of Warm Hug Essential Oil - a mood elevator ideal for self-care, family gatherings, and intimate moments. This exquisite blend features sweet jasmine, timeless rose, and hints of orange, sage, and geranium. Elevate your mood with this aromatherapy oil infusion, crafted to evoke feelings of love, care, and comfort. Experience the soothing benefits of clary sage oil blends and orange essential oil blends in every drop.

Who should use Warm Hug:

The blend of jasmine, rose, orange, clary sage and geranium revitalizes the body, improves the mood, helps you release inhibitions and get in touch with your sensuality

How to Use?

1. Mix a few drops with any carrier oil depending on your purpose and run it into the skin.

2. Take a spritz bottle, and add a few drops of oil with water to use on the surroundings.

3. Add a few drops into your foot soak or bath soak.

4. Add a few drops to the Maeva aromatherapy burner.

Weight: 15 ml
Blends of: Geranium, Rose, Clary Sage, Orange, & Jasmine
- Mix our essential oils with distilled water for a pure, powerful, aromatic experience.
- Keep your oils in a cool place away from direct sunlight to preserve their potency.
- Our essential oils come in dark bottles to shield them from light and maintain their quality.
- Seal the bottle tightly after use to prevent air exposure and keep your oils fresh.
- Enjoy our oils indoors for a tranquil experience and long-lasting fragrance.

Disclaimer: This oil is not for topical use; it's only meant for fragrance diffusers.

For Domestic orders: We dispatch orders within 2 to 5 business days of placing them on the website. However, depending on the delivery location, the shipment is delivered within 3 to 10 business days.
For International orders: All international orders are processed within 7-8 days and you can expect delivery within 1-2 weeks.
Our 100% pure essential oils boast an 18-month shelf life, crafted with authenticity and sustainability in mind. Ideal for warmers, they're blended with care and packaged eco-consciously for lasting freshness.
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