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Christmas is a magical for lots of reasons, but the feeling of surprising loved ones with amazing gifts whether Grandma's knitted wool sweater, Mom's ginger biscuits in the oven, dry-fruit rich plum cakes shared by friends spreads a warmth of happiness nothing can beat. Maeva celebrates all occasions and strives to bring you aromas that bring you nostalgia. Take a look at our top gift picks (sorted in ascending order of price) from small to the large and the spicy to the sweet. 

1. Symbols of Christmas- Christmas Metallic Taper Rs 199

Our golden and silver set of taper candles are a great choice for someone who loves tradition. Our set is perfect for framing windows, illuminating a centerpiece or highlighting the Christmas feast table.

2. Scents in Your Pocket- Scented Sachets Rs 349

A perfect addition to your Christmas Gift box, our sleek and small sachets (with lots of scents to choose from) can fragrance rooms, closets, office, vehicles, storage, pet areas and more for as long as 3 months!

3. Two Birds In One Stone: 12 Days Of Christmas Shot Glass Candles Rs 499

Our set of 12 shot-glasses are an ode to the merry '12 days of Christmas' carol! Perfect for the utilitarian, once burnt these shot-glasses can be filled with it's namesake 'shots'!

4. Tell It With Trees: Christmas Tree Candles Rs 645

Perfect for the mantle above the stockings, these cheeky candles accented with gold is an instant mood-elevator!

5. Holiday's Best Colours: Christmas Wreath Rs 799

For those who prefer love Christmas colours, this mini festive-edition wreath serves as a pretty decoration to candles or a stunning addition to their table's centerpiece. 

6.Say It With Words: 15 oz Jar Rs 1099

Words are capable of positive reinforcement so surround yourself with the happiest and most joyful of them! Printed on our mega 15 oz jars, these candles smell of all things Christmas while lasting for 76 hours.




7. Sugar and Spice: Under The Mistletoe Reed Diffuser Rs 1149

Spices are an essential part of holiday feasting, the smell of which evokes memories. Our classic Christmas diffuser with its spicy blend of ginger, cinnamon and cloves invites yet manages to soothe holiday-frazzled nerves. 


8. Circle Of Love: Jumbo Wreath Rs 1799

Symbolizing the unending circle of life yet being simply elegant, our circle of love white wreath is a gift you'd love to gift yourself! 


With incredible ease of payment, vast options in multiple fragrances and frazzle-free delivery, Maeva is sure to be you gifting partner this Christmas!

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