Anagha – A Collection To Deck Up Your Diwali And Every Other Festivity!

Diwali decor


At The Maeva Store, we live for the festivities – and although for us every day is a reason to celebrate, we truly do live for those days, when we get the opportunity to deck up your homes and spaces. Now, Diwali is around the corner and we are so excited – as a matter of fact, we have been so excited about the festival of lights that we created a brand new collection, aimed mainly for this time of the year. Named Anagha, after goddess Lakshmi, the patron goddess of Diwali, this collection has been created to wow you! And we can assure you, the moment you lay eyes on the collection, you will want to bring home every single piece, because there is that one part of your home that will become prettier!

Anagha is a collection of florals, candles and diyas and other décor items that are suitable for not just Diwali but also any other festive occasion. The colours used to create the entire collection are those which you would generally associate with a royal life – so there are plenty of deep reds, dark purples, rich greens and of course plenty of golds and silvers.


Diwali candles


Diwali is after all the festival of lights and to add lights to your celebrations this year, Anagha has a range of diyas and candles – the golden multi-wick candles are perfect for any corner of the house and even the centre table. As a matter of fact, the large multi wick candles is so large that you can keep it as a centre piece – the fragrance will emanate throughout your home and the lotus that Lakshmi is seated on will be the fragrance that will waft through your space. In case you are looking for something a little more modern, why not consider the iridescent candles, which you can pick out in jar versions, regular glasses or even shot glasses. The modern glossy sheen of the candles makes this the perfect choice for modern interiors and these will work great even after the festive is long over.


Door hanging for diwali





To make your home look ready for the festivities, you need to have something right from the front door to the deepest part of your home – so for the front door or even the doors inside your home, we have several gorgeous looking torans, handcrafted by our talented women artisans. Made using purple shola flowers, latkans and soft felt cloth, these torans are a true testament to the talent of our craftspeople. In case you want to create sets, there are also door hangings and floral strings on offer that are sure to give your home or even your work places a festive look! And if you are not looking for something floral and want something that is a lot more traditional, there are the embellished green toran. With the matching embellished green door hangings, you can be sure that all the attention will come directly to these! As for the floor or even the walls, we have the stunning rangoli mat, which has been handcrafted with green felt and pink and purple embellishments – leave it on the floor or hang it up on the wall and your home will be Diwali ready!


Lakshmi Pooja Box


And finally, there is the absolutely awe-inspiring Anagha Pooja box, which has literally everything that you might need on the Diwali pooja – from haldi and Kumkum to Akshat and mauli! This is a pooja box that has been made to be your one stop for all your pooja needs and is not only a wonderful investment for your own home, but also works really well as a gift.


Diwali gifts online

As a matter of fact, this entire collection has been designed to not only add charm and charisma to your home, but also a gifting array – each of the pieces makes for an ideal gift. Whether you choose the candles or the embellished coconut, you can be sure that the person receiving the gift will appreciate it and enjoy its beauty!

The entire Anagha collection has been handcrafted by underprivileged women and each time you shop with us, not only are you supporting these women, you are also helping support the efforts of MaevaXSankalpataru – each purchase leads to the planting of more trees! So shop at The Maeva Store and you get to not only make your home pretty, but also contribute to a more sustainable environment!


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