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As soon as October arrives, its festival season for all Indians – it's like a slew of festivals and religious occasions follow one after the other. And this carries on into the new year with several regional festivals popping up – there are several families that choose to buy pooja items in bulk early, because they know that they will need it time and over again, in the coming weeks. However, most families will have the basic pooja items that have been handed down over the generation and while there is nothing wrong with antiques, maybe its time to make the change!

Lakshmi Puja Box

Presenting the absolutely gorgeous and stunning Anagha pooja box! One look at this box and you will want to stash away all the pooja items that you have always had in deep storage! Anything and everything you need for a pooja (excepting maybe fresh sweets and flowers), you will find in this box and what is great is that it all comes packaged really carefully and beautifully in a box, allowing for easy storage, once you are done with everything in it. While the box shows Goddess Lakshmi, seated on her beloved lotus flower, there is no reason you have to use it only for Diwali, because the things you find inside can be used for any pooja.

Puja Box

Wondering what all you will find inside? Let’s take a look:

  • Chandan, haldi and kumkum: Perhaps the holy trinity of pooja powders, these are irreplaceable in any pooja, this box has small boxes of each of the three. Chandan or sandalwood is used to anoint not only gods and goddesses but also human foreheads as it is meant to cool the mind down. Haldi has been recognised globally for its antiseptic and healing properties and is often used in pooja to sanctify the procedure. The red Kumkum is meant to signify prosperity and is an integral part of any pooja that is dedicated to a goddess.

  • Attar, agarbatti and incense holder, incense cone and kapur: For most people, it is the scents and fragrances associated with a pooja that hold most nostalgia and in our pooja box, we have plenty of options. Attar is basically a fragrant essential oil, extracted from flowers and herbs, agarbatti is incense stick, which is an integral part of any auspicious ceremony and an incense cone is meant to spread not only fragrance, but also a mist that creates a sense of spirituality. All the three are included in our box and are made with natural ingredients, which will create a truly spiritual and fragrant ambience. The fragrances are meant to create a conducive ambience for gods to stay in and of course, create a positive atmosphere. A similar concept sits behind the usage of kapur or camphor too – it is said that lighting camphor can ward away evil and it is also supposed to have medicinal properties. Within the box, you will also find an incense holder which is pretty and functional.

  • Dhania, cloves, akshata, mishri and supari: Did you know that dhania seeds denote wealth, which is why they have an important role to play in poojas, especially Diwali and Dhanteras? And while you might consider cloves as an integral part of your kitchen, it is also an important part of pooja, because of its healing and rejuvenating properties. Akshata or unbroken rice is always a part of pooja thali – whether its Diwali or Rakshabandhan and that is because it is considered one of the most essential grains, essential to life itself. Mishri is perhaps one of the most beloved part of a pooja thali, mainly with the kids – these unrefined sugar crystals can be used as an offering to god and as prasad to be given after the pooja. And then there is the supari – the hard nature of the betelnut is meant to symbolize one’s ego and keeping one during a pooja is meant to show you giving up your ego and hard aspects of your behaviour. Did you know, many people, in order to be more environment friendly, keep a supari near their Ganpati and rather than do a Ganpati visarjan, they simply immerse the betelnut!

  • Kamal gatta, Lakshmi feet and pooja asan: Kamal gatta or lotus seeds are extremely important for whenever you are doing Lakshmi pooja, mainly because she is always seated on a lotus flower. It is believed that when you do Lakshmi jaap with a mala made using kamal gatta, the goddess will grant you whatever your desire. This is one of the reasons why you will find these blackish brown seeds in our pooja box. Continuing with the theme of goddess Lakshmi, you will also be able to find the most gorgeous Lakshmi feet in the box – it is believed that if you keep these feet at the entrance of your home, facing inwards, they will bring good fortune and prosperity. There is also a pooja asan to ensure that your pooja space looks all decked up and beautiful.

  • Idol frame, aarti sheet, mauli: When you are getting your pooja space ready for a festive occasion, you need a way to place your idols properly, which is why we have included in our pooja box. Most such occasions also tend to start with someone elderly tying the sacred mauli dhaga on your wrist and the mauli we have included in our box has a deep red colour with threads of a yellowish orange, running through it. Yet another essential that we have included in this pooja box is the aarti sheet – after all, you would not want to forget the words to the aarti!

  • Diya, cotton wicks, pooja oil, scented candles, tealights: Will a pooja ever be considered complete with some version of lights – that is why we have included a range of diyas, scented candles and tealights. And when you have a diya, it is but obvious that you will need cotton wicks and pooja oil too, and you will find those in the pooja box too. While you will want to keep the diya right in front of the idols, the tealights and scented candles can be placed anywhere to add to the festivities.

  • Ganga jal and seashell cowries: Perhaps one of the most revered article in a pooja thali or box is Gangajal – the water is known to have not only medicinal and purification properties, it is also meant to have the power to cleanse an area and generate positivity. And finally, the seashell cowries also hold a place of importance when you are worshipping Lakshmi – keeping them during pooja are supposed to bring luck, prosperity and wealth.

If you have not already placed your order for the Anagha pooja box, we suggest you do it immediately – this box has everything you need for any pooja, it is also filled with handcrafted items that have been produced by talented yet underprivileged women. So do your bit!


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