Every festival has a nostalgia-inducing scent and Christmas smells absolutely delightful! Although great on any other balmy day of the year, our ‘Mistletoe line’ is the best suited for Christmas day. Warm and Sweet, rich and zesty, our candy cane scented candle is best seated near your stuffed stockings, in the Kitchen shelf where wonderful plum cake is being made, under the tree where eagerly awaited gifts sit, in the living room where carols are sung off-tune or under the magical mistletoe to set a romantic touch to the many kisses it oversees, According to Norse Mythology, the unassuming mistletoe caused the death of The God Baldur and his mother’s grief turned this plant from being devious to friendly. The sentiment aligns with Christmas and mistletoe is thus hung to encourage love and joy all around. Humans have mischievously taken this forward to kissing anyone who comes under a mistletoe! We cannot think of greater reasons of bringing our ‘Under the Mistletoe’ line of candles home with you.

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