Abhilasha Mehta, unveiling the Maeva collection & sharing her love for scented candles.

@feeling fab looking good: A Whiff Of Memories With Maeva Candles + Hostel Days

In this Vlog, I take you down memory lane and relive my hostel days. I introduce you to my room mates, the ones I love and the one I did not love too much.
Hostel life was initially hard for me but later I started enjoying it mostly thanks to my room mates.
Maeva is my room mate Swati's brand and I am so excited to share this with all of you. I do believe that our sense of smell is really heightened....a little whiff of a familiar fragrance can bring back the faintest of memories. This is why I love candles, fragrances and lovely things...they improve the mood and the energy.

Maeva candles and fragrances are amazing!!!! My favorite is the Water Lilly.

Visit Maeva Candle's website to place your set of candles!

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