Crazy for Cupcakes: 7 Funkiest Maeva Candle Picks to Spice Up Your Space


Are you the kind of person who hates extremely bright lights? If so, welcome to the cozy world of warm lights, where candles become your best friends. Gone are the days when candles were only given focus when someone planned a candlelight dinner, or there was a power cut! Well, jokes apart beyond their functional role, candles have evolved into stylish accessories that can add flair and personality to your space. Among the myriad options available, Maeva Candles stands out for its unique and funky collection. In this blog, we will give you a myriad of funky candles that will illuminate your room and bring a touch of whimsy to your surroundings.


Maeva has mastered its unique collection of luxury scented candles with a range of candles that will surely be the show stealer of your next home party. The top form of self-love, Maeva's candle collection, will surely complement your vibrant personality.

CUPCAKE CANDLES: Indulge your sweet tooth without gaining any calories! Well, metaphorically, Maeva's range of cupcake candles are adorable, delicious-looking treats that add a playful touch to any room. With a range of vanilla frosting candles with a pleasant scent of vanilla and hints of lemon, strawberry cupcakes with a fruity aroma or sweet macaroon cupcake candles, these candles are a feast for your senses.

MONOGRAM CANDLES: Now, you can personalize your space with candles customized with your chosen initial with rose gold detailing. A carefully balanced blend of palm and paraffin wax, this candle will give you a white flame with a steady burn and low smoke. If you don't like the powerful scents of a candle, then these monogram candles are your perfect find. It's a chic and sophisticated way to make your mark on any room.

SPA - ZEN KOI CANDLES: You can create a spa-like ambience at your home with Maeva's Spa - Zen Koi Candles. Do you know why Maeva uses the Koi fish sign on their glass candles? Because koi fish is a symbol of good luck and health. These candles combine the calming scent of spa essentials with the mesmerizing beauty of koi fish designs, creating a serene atmosphere that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation.

BOTANICAL CANDLES:  With Maeva's range of Botanical candles, you can get a piece of nature as a candle. These candles come in white with a blend of palm and paraffin wax. These candles have a gentle gingerbread scent that is powerful yet not overwhelming; make sure you walk into a beautiful flower garden with our summer sunshine botanical candle this time. 

SUMMER COLLECTION: Maeva's Summer Collection is a burst of sunshine for your home. With bright colors and refreshing scents, these candles capture the essence of summer, making them the perfect addition to your seasonal decor. These summer collection candles come in beautiful floral printed jars that can later adorn your vanity.

PANTRY CANDLES: Give your pantry a scented candle gift that will become a style statement, making your cooking session even more joyous. Maeva's range of metal fruit candles, like pineapple candles with a zesty yet sugary scent in a gold jar or apple metal fruit candles with white apple-scented wax in a gold jar, inspired by your favourite kitchen ingredients these candles bring the cozy aroma of the well-stocked pantry into your home.

ZODIAC CANDLES: Discover the cosmic connection with Maeva's Zodiac Candles. Each candle is tailored to match the unique characteristics of your zodiac sign, creating a personalized and celestial experience every time you light it up. If your relationship is a typical Gemini- Aquarius compatible, why not celebrate it with a tasty food platter and your zodiac sign candles?


In the soft glow of Maeva's candles, we find scents and flickering flames and moments suspended in time. Beyond the vibrant colors, these collections resonate with the very essence of our souls. As you discover all the categories of candles, whether cupcake, monogram, or the zodiac candle collection, these candles become more than mere decor—they become companions in creating a home. Maeva has not just mastered the art of crafting candles; we've mastered the art of crafting moments, weaving emotions into every wick.



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