Celebrate a ‘New Definition of Love’ this Valentine's Day with Maeva

Love means different things to different people. The sight of parents, when they come to pick you up from your first day of school, is love; when you achieve good marks, and your father takes you out for a walk followed by your favourite ice cream is love; when you laugh loudly, and in the middle of it you look at your friends and remember how they stood by you in all the thick and thins of life is love, and after a long day of work you have someone by your side to listen to you and have a cup of coffee with, is love. 

Love can be anything, a fleeting moment when your heart is filled with gratitude and overwhelmed with the thought that this moment here is something that you don't want to miss out ever. All those moments and all those people should be celebrated, and what day is better than Valentine's Day?

Let's celebrate the 'New Definition of Love' with all those extraordinary individuals who made our lives bearable and beautifully meaningful. Because, after all, isn't every person who adds joy to our journey a special someone worthy of Valentine's Day celebration?"

Who is that 'Special Someone' for you?

       'Some people make the world special just by being in it.'

Whether it's the unwavering support of your mother, the wisdom and humour of your father, the comforting presence of your grandparents, the reliable companionship of your best friend, or the loving partnership with your spouse.

Redefine the traditional notion of a "special someone" and celebrate every unique relationship that adds joy and meaning to your life. After all, love knows no bounds, and neither should our celebration of it!

Celebrate that 'New Definition of Love' with Maeva

Have you made your list of people you want to celebrate this Valentine's Day with?

So now, let us look for the best Valentine Day gift from Maeva's store that your loved ones will adore forever:

Love that lights up your life

In the warm glow of candlelight, love finds its perfect expression. Maeva's range of scented candle illuminates your space and makes for thoughtful and meaningful gifts. Here's why you should choose Maeva's candles to add that special touch to your celebrations:

  1. Zodiac Sign Candles

Make your loved one's heart flutter with Maeva's unique collection of Zodiac Sign Candles. Whether you or your partner shares the same zodiac sign, these candles add a personalized touch to your gift. Imagine the cozy ambience of a candlelit evening, aligning with the stars, making the bond even more special.

  1. Spa-Zen Koi candles

Gift your grandparents the relaxation they deserve with Maeva's Spa-Zen Koi candles. Create a serene spa-like atmosphere with the zesty notes of this collection, providing an escape from the daily hustle. Let the calming fragrance reset their mood, offering an experience that rejuvenates and soothes, a perfect gift to show appreciation for their enduring love and wisdom.

  1. Pantry candles

For your life's sometimes enthu, all times chef father/husband Maeva's Pantry Candles are a delightful choice. If you are looking for the best gift for husband on valentine's day then this is the perfect find. Infuse your pantry with a refreshing, vibrant aroma that transforms the cooking experience. This scented candle enhances the ambience and makes for an ideal gift for that passionate chef in your family.

Love that blooms like a flower

A beautiful bouquet always pops up when we think of gifting something to our special someone. Flowers are the best when telling someone you love them and want to keep them by your side forever. Remember how we used to keep flowers in a book as a sign of preserving a gift? Do you still do that? If yes then trust us when we say valentine's day bouquet are rightly over-the-top rated gifts one can ever give to someone special and Maeva has the best Valentine flower bouquet collection.

  1. Love Greeting Card 

Express your love with more than just words. Our Love Greeting Card adorned with red roses is the epitome of beauty. It's not just a card; it's a heartfelt message that is the best gift for wife on Valentine's Day conveying that she is the most beautiful addition to your family. The delicate box of roses with a personal note will enhance the sentiments, making this gift a cherished keepsake.

  1. Rose Medley Heart 

Break away from the conventional and surprise your boyfriend with a piece of your heart – quite literally. If you are looking for valentine's day gift ideas for boyfriend then our Rose Medley Heart is perfect, it's a collection of pink roses crafted into a soulful heart. This unique floral arrangement is not just an ordinary artificial flower bouquet; it's a statement of love.

  1. A Flower House 

Why wait till Mother's Day? Celebrate your mom's strength and unending hard work to make a house into a loving abode this Valentine's Day. Our Flower House, a delightful home decor item with an artificial flower bouquet crafted in a small house, will surely put a smile on her face. This beautiful arrangement is not just flowers; it's a symbol of gratitude and love, making Valentine's Day for the most important woman in your life every day.

Love that breathes tranquility

Transform your living space into a haven of serenity with Maeva's exquisite range of home fragrances. Beyond being a delightful addition to your own home, these fragrances make for thoughtful and cherished gifts suited to the unique preferences of your loved ones:

  1. Essential oils

It is ideal for anyone in the family who seeks holistic well-being through aromatherapy. Whether it's your spouse looking for relaxation, your parent needing stress relief, or even yourself, Maeva's Essential Oils bring the therapeutic benefits of nature to everyone.

  1. Mood elevators

A good mood elevator by Maeva can help your loved ones immensely. For your brother who doesn't show how much he is going through but is still standing like a supportive pillar for the whole family, Maeva's Mood Elevators are designed to uplift spirits effortlessly, making them the best Valentine's Day gifts for him.

  1. Incense sticks

Tailored for those who appreciate moments of tranquility. Gift Maeva's hand-rolled Incense Sticks to your yoga-loving sister or your meditation-enthusiast girlfriend if you are looking for romantic gift ideas for girlfriend. They make for a thoughtful housewarming present, creating a peaceful ambience.

A Note of Love 

Love, in all its forms, deserves acknowledgement and celebration. This Valentine's Day, redefine the traditional notion of a "special someone with Maeva. Our offerings are not just products; they are expressions of love, carefully curated to enhance your celebrations. From scented candles illuminating your moments to floral gifts conveying heartfelt emotions and home fragrances creating tranquil spaces, Maeva strives to elevate your experiences. Here's to celebrating love in every hue, every fragrance, and every heartbeat – because, in the grand symphony of life, every note, every relationship, is a celebration waiting to happen.

Happy Valentine's Day, from Maeva with love.


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