8 Christmas Decorations Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

The chill in the air, the scent of pine and plum cakes being baked – aren’t all these the things you tend to associate with one of the merriest and jolliest times of the year?

It’s December, which means that Christmas is almost here! It’s time to get the tree up and all your ornaments out and it is time to go shopping as well; but that also means that it is that time of the year, when there is a dent in your bank balance! But what to do; after all, it is the season to be jolly and you need to make sure your home looks great too.

What if we told you that with just a few items from The Maeva Store, you can make your home like holiday ready, and you will not have to break your fixed deposits!

8 budget friendly Christmas décor ideas for your home!

If you thought that getting your home Christmas ready meant shelling out a huge amount of money, think again! Here are some interesting ideas that will take care of every corner of your house.

1. Welcome With A Wreath

Your guests are going to enter through the front door, which means that the décor needs to start there! At The Maeva Store, you will get to pick and choose from a huge selection of wreaths, including those which are perfect for Christmas. Our Pine Cone Lit Christmas Wreath is perfect for when you want that traditional look, but if you want something a little more contemporary, how about the Gold Pinecone Wreath? Hang it up on the front door and your entrance is taken care of!

2. Have A ‘Pine’ Christmas

The pinecone is one of those things that you just need to have as part of your Christmas tree decorations, but who made it a rule that the pinecones should only be on the tree? When you see the pinecone ornaments that we have on offer, we are sure that you will want them all over the house. Depending on what kind of colour theme you are going for, you can choose the Golden Pine Cone X-mas Ornament or the white version and then have fun picking and choosing where to place them.

3. Baubles In A Bowl

This year, we are all about challenging the norms – baubles and Christmas ornaments need not go only on the tree, but they can be one of the most effective and inexpensive Christmas décor options for your home! Bring out those cane and wicker baskets, choose the most glorious crystal bowl, an empty terrarium or even your cupcake stand and deck it up with the most gorgeous babbles and ornaments that you can find at our store. If you can find some fresh pine leaves, add those or winter berries will look great too and what you have is a centre piece for your dinner table, some quiet corner of the living space or even your kitchen!

4. The Pillars Of Light

Christmas is incomplete without the glittering warmth of candles and at The Maeva Store, you can go crazy picking some of the prettiest candles at some of the best rates. We suggest that you stick to the general colour theme of Christmas – you can either pick a set of the red and gold taper candles, which will go so well in the candle stands. But if you want more of statement pieces, then you can look at our collection of red and gold pillar candles. These go really well on their own, or you can create a set with varying sizes and place them wherever you want!

5. Spice Up The Coffee Table

You are planning on entertaining guests, which means the centre table or coffee table in your living room needs to look holiday ready too, but you don’t want to clutter it too much. After all, this is where the cupcakes, cookies and coffee cups need to be kept; so why not consider something like our Christmas Spice Table Décor! From Christmassy looking berries to pine leaves that look they are fresh in from the snow, from pine cones to dried citrus slices, this table décor is what Christmas dreams are made of!

6. Getting Star Struck!

We are not forgetting those nooks and corners either – whether you are looking for a way to bring a certain life to your study or you want to jazz up that corner stand in your bedroom and make it look holiday ready, our Star-struck Christmas Tree is the perfect choice! This tiny tree of joy has been created with such perfection that it will remind you of an actual tree, every time you look at it. This is actually a wonderful option for those who can’t bring home a real tree.

7. A Winter Wonderland On Your Dinner Table

If you are hosting a Christmas special dinner, then your dining table needs to be party ready too and at our store, you will get to pick and choose from such a huge selection of table décor pieces. One of the simplest Christmas decorations ideas for the dining table has to be our wonderful Winter Berry Table Décor – created with colours that remind you of Christmas, this table décor is simple yet resplendent!

8. Keep It Classy

Now, if you are someone who likes to keep things classic, then you will want a candle holder for your home and while we do bring to you red, gold and white candles, we also bring to you the Classic Ornament Candle Holder – on the same colour theme of the holiday season, this candle holder allows you to brighten up your dinner table or any other place you feel needs that festive cheer!

At The Maeva Store, we are in the business of making your home beautiful every day and when it comes to those festive days, we go that extra mile. So, when you are out looking for Christmas decorations that are easy on the pocket, come to us!

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