5 Occasions That You Will Need Our Lights Decoration Ideas For

At The Maeva Store, we live and breathe all things pretty and we know that when a special occasion comes knocking, you need all things pretty and perfect! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a quiet birthday or a family gathering to celebrate an anniversary, there are some occasions where you want to make that extra effort to deck up the house and get those interesting lights decoration ideas out.

Well, we put together some of our ideas together for you and hope that you might be able to use some for your own special occasions too:

1. A very happy birthday – A birthday is a very special day, not only for the one celebrating it, but also for those who love that person. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a quiet birthday celebration at home with only the family or you are inviting half the world home, you need to bring out the best birthday decoration ideas with lights. And what better than dessert plates, filled with cupcakes! We suggest small dessert plates that are filled with cupcake candles that you can place all around the space you intend to use for the celebration. And don’t forget the floral alphabet of the birthday person on the wall!

2. Ringing in more years of togetherness – Whether it’s the first or the 21st, an anniversary deserves a celebration and when it comes to celebration, no one does it better than us! If you are getting ready to celebrate a wedding anniversary, we can help you do it in style – start by picking multiple sets of pillar candles – whether you want something in red or gold or silver, that is a choice we leave to you. You can either go for a single colour or pick a colour combination that you like, but we suggest multiple sizes. Now simply set these candles up in every corner of the house and when they are all lit up, switch off all electrical lights, and enjoy the warm glow that the candles throw on your partner's face!

3. Celebrating those successes – Another time when you might need some interesting home decoration lights ideas would be when you are celebrating a success. It could be a promotion at work, signing a new book deal or even your child winning an award at school – the reason for celebration really doesn’t matter when you are in the mood to celebrate. When you are celebrating the success of one person, that person needs to be centre stage and what better way to do that than monogram candles with their name or initials all around the house! You can always consider some wall decoration ideas with lights too – how about placing a floral alphabet on the wall and then surrounding it with some fairy lights?

4. Being festival ready – And when the festival season comes knocking, you need all the decoration ideas that you can get your hands on. At The Maeva Store, we love the festival season, which is why we have so many options when it comes to Diwali lights decoration ideas for home as well as Christmas. While you can get plenty of ideas by just browsing our festive collections, we do have some ideas to share with you.

For Diwali, it would be great to keep it traditional, so we suggest our diyas – you can go for our multi wick candles which offer the convenience of a tin candle, but the elegance of a traditional lamp. You can also try the ever-popular floating candles in a bowl with some fresh flower petals or maybe simply place tealight candles inside the traditional diyas!

In case you are planning something for Christmas, then you need to bring out your candle stands or buy new ones from our collection and then bring out those stunning taper candles. We also bring to you candles that are shaped like Christmas trees and are perfect for the festive celebrations. Pillar candles set within floral wreaths are also a really good idea for the dinner or coffee table.

5 .Surprise! – While the string lights decoration ideas have become extremely tried and tested, the next time you are planning a surprise, think slightly differently. Whether you are planning a birthday surprise or something more on the romantic lines, try candles, which we offer in abundance. Dot the entryway with shot glass candles or create arrows with the same; tealight candles to spell out a word or floating, flickering candles, everywhere you look! And in case you are planning to propose to your loved one, deck up your balcony or bedroom with as many candles as you can fit, because the warm glow of a candle is perfect for those grand romantic gestures.

When you want interesting room decoration ideas with lights, you can come to us and when you want the right décor items to bring those ideas to life, you definitely must come to us!

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