5 reasons why you need candles in the bathroom!

If you are a regular shopper at The Maeva Store, you would have already seen our gorgeous collection of candles; you might have already purchased several of them and might have placed them all around the house. There are pretty looking pillar candles from the Nalini collection that sit on your coffee table and then there is the ethereal looking botanical candles, that are the pride and joy of your vanity. 

But what about your bathroom? Do you have any candles in the bathroom?

Most people would say no, because they feel that bathrooms are not where the candles are meant to be. There might be a handful who would say that we use candles to create that mood of romance, but nothing else. 

Why should you use candles for bathroom decoration

Did you know that an average amount of time a person spends inside a bathroom, over a lifetime, is over 90 days! So, given that you are spending so much time inside this room, you really need to pay attention to how this space looks and more importantly, smells. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider candles for your bathroom too:

    1. Aromatherapy - The scents that you get to enjoy from our scented candles works pretty much like aromatherapy – these scents are chosen to ensure that you all the stress and tensions of the day, simply melt away. Whether you are taking a shower or you are indulging your skin in the daily night time routine, keep a scented candle for bathroom that you can light up and enjoy! 
    2. Relaxation and meditation – The kind of lives we lead, there is so much going in our lives and minds at any given point of time. It is imperative that we allow our mind and body to relax and just let it all go. What better way to do that than a long soak in some warm water, with some candles flickering around you, and the scents of your favourite vacation or even bakery wafting around you? That is what you can do with our candles! 

  • Ambiance – There is something magical, mystical and ethereal about candles – the moment you light one, the darkness is immediately dispelled. Light many and you have created an atmosphere that is simply exquisite! This is a really interesting way to brighten up your bathroom when you are having guests over or even when you are in the mood to pamper yourself. 
  • Romantic atmosphere – Are you celebrating a birthday in the family or is it your anniversary? Create a little surprise for your significant other, by decking out the bathroom! Fill the bathtub with bubbles and flower petals, light up candles all around the bathroom and let the special one enjoy a spa session, inside the comfort of their own house! 
  • Fragrance – Let’s face it; our bathrooms do have those funky smells, every now and then. While you could hang one of those fragrance sachets, there is only so long that they will last. However, when you invest in a jar candle, not only will they last really long and keep offering you those wonderful scents, you can even repurpose the jar, once the candle wax is over! 

What kind of bathroom candle décor can you use

Now that we have convinced you that you need candles in your bathroom too, we need to offer some suggestions as well, don’t we? Well, here are our top 5 picks for your bathroom:

  1. Botanical candles – These candles come in such beautiful looking containers that it will add to the décor of your bathroom, while ensuring that your bathroom smells great. 
  2. Cupcake candles – Shaped like actual cupcakes, these candles are not only super cute, but also lend an amazing fragrance to your bathroom. From vanilla and lemon to raspberries and strawberries, there are plenty of fragrances for you to choose from. 
  3. Spa candles – Our Spa – Zen Koi candles are designed to offer you that spa like scented experience, right in the comfort of your home. What is great about this collection is that there are pillar candles, jar candles and even shot glass candles to pick and choose from. 
  4. Zodiac collection – Pick your star sign from our collection and place these in your bathroom, to revel in a fragrance that we believe works for you! These come in classy looking jars with lids, which can be repurposed quite easily, once the wax is over. 
  5. Summer collection – If you are looking for the best candle for bathroom, something from our Summer Collection is sure to catch your fancy! From the scents of fresh linen to wild jasmine and red mangoes, there are so many tantalising scents to choose from. 

Where to place candles for bathroom decoration

All this is well and good, but when you are using candles, there is a certain amount of care that needs to go along with it. You need to make sure that you keep the candles lit only when someone is around and snuff it out, when you step out of the bathroom. Be extra careful if you have children or pets. Countertops of the sink or large shelves are good spots, or you can even consider the ledge of your bathtub or window sill to keep the lit candles. 

Whether you are looking for bathroom candle scents or something to deck up your main living areas, at The Maeva Store, you will find it all! 

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