The 8 Must Haves for this year’s decoration for Diwali at home

Diwali is almost here and while you might be busy getting all the clutter out and purchasing the new clothes and items for gifting, there are some things that might miss your mind. For instance, you might miss out buying all those things that you need to ensure that your home looks festive enough and in case you were thinking that you will just reuse the old Diwali room decoration that you have been using, you might want to think again.

After all, Diwali is a festival of lights and it is also that time of the year, when you are inviting Goddess Lakshmi, good luck and fortune into your home. This means that you need to make sure that your home is ready for the goddess, prosperity as well as those guests who might come visit you during the festive season.

At The Maeva Store, we live for such festive occasions and Diwali happens to be one of our absolute favourites! We love how every corner of your home twinkles with the flickering lights of candles and diyas and how there are flowers and colours everywhere you look.

if you are looking to indulge in some shopping and get some new Diwali decor ideas, we are here to help you out!

Top 8 Must Buys for This Diwali

We are pretty sure that at The Maeva Store, everything you see, you will want to buy and while we would never stand in your way, should you want to do that, here are our recommendations for your home, this Diwali!

Anagha Pooja Box – While the Anagha Pooja Box might not be traditional décor item as such, we suggest that you start your Diwali shopping with this. It contains everything that you will need for your Diwali pooja. Every item within this box has been handpicked by our team – from kumkum and haldi to mouli dhaga and Akshat, this box comes with all the pooja essentials, and when you are getting ready for the pooja on Diwali day, all you need to do is open this pooja box and place everything neatly!  

Shubh Laabh Toran – They say that Goddess Lakshmi walks in through the front door of the house, like everyone else, which means that your Diwali house decoration ideas need to start the front door. Fret not, because at The Maeva Store, you will be able to pick and choose from some of the prettiest looking front door torans. We suggest the Shubh Laabh, which has the traditional colours of saffron, green and shades of pink. The addition of the white beads and delicate parrots in the toran make this perfect for any festive occasion!

Chandini Rangoli Mat – Traditionally, rangolis for Diwali are made using colour powders, but for those who are constantly in a hurry or perhaps don’t have the talent to make a proper rangoli, we have plenty of options. Our choice for this season has to be the Chandni Rangoli Mat, which has shades of white, gold and brown, that make this elegant rangoli a perfect addition to your front room decoration for Diwali. This is especially a good choice for those who like décor items that are understated and elegant, rather than bright and vibrant.

Embellished Coconut – When you are getting ready for Diwali, a coconut is a must, because it is considered extremely auspicious. That is why we have created the gorgeous Embellished Coconut, which comes in two colour palettes (a vibrant red and more muted purple and green combination). These are ideal to be kept for the pooja or even as a décor piece in your living spaces.  

Red Embellished Lakshmi Feet – There is a tradition of drawing Lakshmi feet during Diwali – her footprints are considered auspicious and placing them at the entrance of the house or the pooja room is a tradition that has been followed for years by many families. But what if you live in a rental house or you feel that something this traditional will not fit into your modern décor theme? For such people, we bring our Diwali decoration idea that is pretty and simple – just pick a set of embellished Lakshmi Feet, which you can place wherever you want and then remove and store for later.

Anagha Scented Tealight Candles - Pk of 18 – What is Diwali without those beautiful flickering lights? And while the fairy lights are the easy solution, there is nothing that can beat candles and diyas! You could always go for any of our jar or pillar candles, but we really fancy our Anagha scented tealight candles, which come in a pack of 18. You can dot your entire house with these, or place them inside urlis or large urns to give your home that festive look!

Nalini Ghee Diya – There is something that is so special about lighting a diya for Diwali and when you have stunning looking ghee diya from The Maeva Store, you will want to bring them out for sure. These diyas come nestled inside traditional looking beaten metal containers, original ghee inside and multiple wicks. These are sure to add colour, light and that touch of traditional to your Diwali this year!  

Napkin rings and Wreaths for table – And when it’s a festival like Diwali, guests coming over to your home is but natural. If you are planning an elaborate lunch or a simple sit down with your loved ones, it is important that you think a little about Diwali table decorations too. Bring out the best China and cutlery and make sure that you pick some pretty looking napkin rings from our store – something like the White Rose or the Pink Rose napkin rings will work so beautifully against your napkins and add that touch of elegance too! And we also suggest that you pick a wreath as a centre piece for your table settings, because when you place a pillar candle within, it will be truly a happy Diwali! Take your pick from Green Goddess or the Beige and Golden; they all look spectacular!

When you come to shop at The Maeva Store,you do more than just buy items – you get ideas on how to make your home festival ready and in addition to that picture perfect, every other day of the year too! So, if you are looking to get some interesting Diwali home decor ideas, you know where to look!

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