Create Your Perfect Work From Home Setup With Some Help From The Maeva Store


We are going through a really tough time, and with almost the entire world under lockdown, things seem extremely difficult. Almost all of us are being forced to work from home and while initially the prospect might have seemed nice, a few days into actually working from home, many of us are craving the chance to go back to the office. When you have an entire family at home, the chances of something or the other disturbing you are more – it could either be kids running into your workspace and your need in the kitchen or even the neighbors playing very loud music.

No matter what the disturbances, if you have to work, you have to work and for that, you need to have a quiet corner of your home or you need things that will help you not only de-stress but also focus better. When you browse through the collections of the Maeva Store, you will come to realize that there is plenty here that will allow you to create a calm and serene workspace, no matter where you are. We are sure you do have one or the other items from our collection. So let's try and work with what we have.



Flowers are a great way to cheer up any space and even on your dullest day, you will feel a lot better when you get to see something bright and cheerful. If you have one of our dried flower arrangements, this is the time to shift it to your work desk.  A little golden tip: spray your favorite perfume or any essential oil on the arrangement and it will emit the scent for the next few days. Then repeat.



 Another great way to destress and create a calm workplace is by adding a few lit candles – not only does their warm light calm your senses, if you choose a scented candle, the aroma will also calm your mind, allowing you to work more efficiently. So now pick up your favorite candle and make sure to light it up when you're working. Even better, go for a group of candles, this will not only make your workspace aesthetically pleasing but all this good aroma will help you feel better and focus more.  A few fragrances that we are currently hooked on are: lavender lemon, elemie ginger, peony rose,  Sugar cookies and Amalfi coast. Check them out The Maeva Store.




Saving the best for the end: the aromatherapy oils and the mood elevator oils. They work like magic with human senses. Essential oils have the natural property to calm your nerves, no matter what the situation.  Pick any fragrance of your choice and diffuse it. Use traditional ceramic burners like our owl and bunny burners or use the electric diffusers. It will have the same pleasant effect. One thing we assure you that one whiff of these fragrances and you will be able to drown out everything that is going on around you.



As they say, this too shall pass, and when you have the above items from the Maeva Store by your side, passing this tough time, should become a tad bit easier.

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