Stuck With A Boring Cubicle? Spice It With A Little Help From The Maeva Store

As someone who enjoys the work you do, you like going to the office, but there are several times that you have felt a little put off by your work area because it is boring and bland and there is nothing that makes it stand out from every other cubicle or work station in the office. There are times when you want to do something, add a few knick-knacks that will make your desk stand out and be the center of a lot of attention; but because its an office, you are always worried that your choices should not turn out to be the opposite of what you intend.

Welcome to the world of the Maeva Store – this is where everything gorgeous and everything glamourous is on offer for you. No matter what your color preferences, no matter what your style statement, we are pretty sure that you will be able to find something special and unique for yourself here. We actually have plenty of options for you, which you will love and will look great at your work station too.

The Maeva Store has an entire section dedicated to table decor and it should come as no surprise that you will be able to find plenty of options for your work table too. When you want something floral you could look at the delicate Rustic Blooms Table Décor or add a pop of color with the stunning Berry Crush Por Décor. If you are not into flowers, you could also look at the range of succulents, because these will add a sense of green to your table – consider the Fern Green Succulent or the Tropical green succulent.

If you want something simple and understated, you can look at our extensive range of candles – from small ones that sit pretty inside shot glasses to large pillar ones, you will find plenty of options to pick from. We suggest that Monogram candles – you can choose your initials or even spell out your entire name; or maybe the initials of your family or loved ones. For the foodies, there are adorable looking cupcake candles that you can use to decorate your table; just make sure that no one tries to bite into it! You might also want to check out our range of glass jar candles – from the fragrance of red berries to tangerine, from the exotic smells of the Amalfi coast to the gardens filled with peony roses, you can choose which ones you want.

For those of you, who have a love affair with flowers, we are the monarchs in that world and what is great is that our flowers will never fade or wither away! For the understated elegance, we suggest you choose the Jewel Toned Bouquet or the Blooming Dale Bouquet and if you want a splurge of color on your desk, then you can take your pick from the Pink Elegance Bouquet, Colour Burst LED Bouquet or the Summer Glow LED Bouquet. Then there are those who might prefer something a little more subtle and for them, we have gorgeous floral photo frames, and while these might be a little big for a table, if you have your own cabin, you can most certainly pick one! We suggest the Parisian Beauty and the White Royalty frames.

When you are an office, the one thing that you will most certainly need is a pen, but why go for the same old boring pen that you would pick up at your local stationery store? At the Maeva Store, we have pens that will evoke a sense of whimsy and make others stare at you in awe – our floral pens are not only great for you but also make for great gifts for office colleagues. In case, a colleague is celebrating a birthday, you could not only gift them a floral pen, but you could also add a lovely floral birthday greeting card, which will make for a great addition to a table or workstation.

And while having a stand for incense sticks on your work station might seem odd, you can always add that special fragrance with our range of wax and fragrance sachets. Choose from fruity to citrusy, ocean to floral fragrances – we suggest the Seashore and Sandy Beach sachets to whisk you away to an ocean getaway, the Juicy Apple and Vanilla Spice fragrance sachets for when you want a burst of energy and the Exotic Garden when you want to just escape!

Come to the Maeva Store and pick out some things to make your workstation stand apart and a few miles away from the mundane!

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