Your Home Should Be Your Sanctuary And Maeva Store Can Help You Create One

You spend the entire day outside, in an office, where the only green that you get to see in the entire day is the carpet or maybe the few trees on your ride back home. Your job keeps you stressed out for the greater part of the week and you are constantly on the phone or the laptop, trying to keep things going. Or you could be a stay at home who is trying to maintain her sanity because she not only has to keep the household running, she also has to take care of the kids, the husband, the in-laws and ensure that the nosy neighbors are never able to gossip about how she keeps her home!

However, there is one place that can be your sanctuary – your home and yes, even if you are a stay at home, the same home can be and should be your sanctuary. At the Maeva Store, we have so many things that you can dot your room with and create your own space, where you can relax, rejuvenate and often, just heal. Whether you choose to just do up your bedroom or your entire home, from the Maeva Store, you will be able to find plenty to pick!



We suggest that you pick from a range of candles and fragrances for your bedroom because these will help ease the troubles of the day and comfort your mind and your body. A range of scented candles await you – whether you want something citrusy or something floral, something that reminds you of the ocean or something that whisks you away to the deepest forests, you will be able to find something appropriate. While these candles can be lit in any part of the home, we suggest that you keep a few in your bathroom too, because many say that the combination of these candle scents and hot water takes away all the stress! Our range of Zen Koi candles can create the perfect spa-like ambiance, right inside your home and are perfect companions too when you want to destress.





Who said incense sticks were meant only for the pooja room – Maeva Store brings to you an incredible range of incense sticks, which will transport you to a different world. From the frangipani incense sticks that are perfect companions for meditation to the wild raspberry that will most certainly uplift your mood, even on the direst of days! And in case you are not the incense stick type of person, you could always look at our extensive range of essential oils and diffusers. Depending on what kind of fragrances excite you, make your choice – from the Christmas inspired Under the Mistletoe to the Orange and Cinnamon Diffuser, which will give you the feel of being inside a bakery filled with delicious goodies! We also bring to you several types of essential oils and mood elevators, which will most certainly change your mood in a matter of minutes. Whether you want to relax, recharge or rejuvenate yourself, there is an oil for it in our store – feel yourself soak up the sun on a gorgeous beach or give yourself the warmest hug, enjoy sleep that your baby gets every naptime or jumpstart your day with a spicy-sweet scent!




And if it is flowers that brighten up your day, we consider ourselves the kings and queens of florals – choose from floral arrangements such as Soulful Heart or the Regal Roses arrangement that can be hung up on the wall or consider the Aster Gift Cycle, which will surely cheer you up, the minute you set your eyes on them. No matter how bad things get, there are some people in your life, who always make you feel better; they might not even be near you, just their photo will be enough. So why not place the photos of these dear ones in one of our stunning floral photo frames and melt all your troubles away, by looking at them and reliving some wonderful times you have had with them. Place our floral arrangements around the house and enjoy not only a splash of colour but also a quick way to calm your mind and cheer up your mood. We suggest the bright Berry Crush Pot as well as the elegant Vintage Table Décor!



Go ahead and shop at the Maeva Store to create that sanctuary, within your home, where you can escape to, at least for a few minutes every day and recharge your batteries!



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