From Traditional to Contemporary: Fabulous Festive Home Decor Ideas

As much as we get to dress ourselves up for festivals, we also get to decorate our lovely homes. The festive season is the time when we all get enthusiastic about decorating our homes. With so many holidays and celebrations that come because of festivals, it's no wonder why we want our homes to look celebratory and welcoming. If you are looking for some innovative ideas to spruce up your home, you have done the right thing by visiting The Maeva Store. At our store, we know that festive decor is all about adding warmth, charm, and joy to your living space during the holiday season, regardless of what festival you celebrate or which part of the world you live in. At Maeva Store, we offer you endless creative ways, from traditional to modern, to transform your home into a utopia.

What constitutes festive home décor?

Home decor during festivals is an integral part of Indian culture and traditions, where every festival brings with it a distinctive set of traditions and rituals. Be it Diwali or Eid, Christmas or Holi, Indian homes are transformed into vibrant and colourful spaces, adorned with festive decorations and ornaments. The internet is flooded with new home decorating ideas, which are unique, easy and pretty!

Pretty much every Hindu festival starts with the homes getting cleaned and decorated with flowers, rangolis and torans, and also string lights. All these decorations symbolize the triumph of good over evil and create a warm and engaging atmosphere. The entire house is adorned with a magical glow. Not only Hinduism, there are other religions in India – which means more festivals and more decorations! During Eid, homes are adorned with beautiful handcrafted lanterns and colourful fabrics draped over furniture, and Christmas brings cheerful carols, colourful Christmas trees, twinkling lights, and ornaments. 

In India, special occasions such as weddings and other auspicious events are no less than festivals, and are celebrated with lavish decor, flowers, lights, and colourful drapes embellishing the entire scene. Whether it is the elaborate floral arrangements and backdrops, or gorgeous candles and lanterns, The Maeva Store has everything that will help you create a grand and graceful setting.

House decorating ideas to brighten the spirits, as well as create a magical atmosphere this festive season!

You can create a “holiday home” using some really simple and cool ideas for decorating your home sweet home! Here are some of the tips that we suggest you implement, and let us know how these worked out for you.

  • It’s all about a dramatic entrance! 

Believe it or not, your entrance sets the actual tone for the entire home – having said this, is it fair to ignore it and not make it festive? A simple wreath hanging on your front door, a few string lights along your porch, a vibrant toran at your entrance or a gorgeous multi-coloured rangoli – just a few things that can kick-start your festive décor. You could also consider adding a few potted plants, preferably ornamental, or some gorgeous botanicals, to create a festive vibe. For the best looking torans, rangoli mats and botanicals, there is no better place than The Maeva Store. 

  • Set the mood with some lovely lighting -  

Adding some festive lighting is one of the most popular living room decorating ideas, which helps to create a warm and cosy ambiance. Consider hanging string lights around the living room or dining area, or place some scented candles around the house. Using decorative tea-light holders, candle holders, or lamp-sheds is also a great idea. Be it regular candles for some light and warmth, or some scented candles to rev up the mood, The Maeva Store is the right place. A simple high tea party can also become grand, with something like our Bridget Tea Cup Candle.

  • Bring festivity right to your dining table!

If you are hosting a special dinner on a special occasion for some special people, create a festive table-scape. Consider using a lacy or embroidered tablecloth, place accessories, and centrepieces with gaudy flowers and botanicals. Add some decorative candles or fairy lights to create a cosy atmosphere. If it is Christmas, consider investing on our Christmas Spice Table Décor, or Green Christmas Tree, and if it is a wedding or a dinner party, go for something like our Beige and Gold Flower pot.

  • A dash of colours can make it all the more festive.

A pop of colours that can bring out the best of your home’s interior décor is a great way to make your home look festive. Festive colours such as bright red, gold, or silver accents around your home can make a big difference to your interior décor. Using flower vases with a few glittery artificial flowers, a gaudy vase or something as simple as a cushion cover can do wonders.

  • Artwork never fails to surprise! 

Whether you are looking for something for your home, or some creative office wall decorating ideas, start with suitable artwork. Hanging some festive artwork or crafts on your walls can certainly add some holiday cheer. Whether it is toran for Diwali, or wreath for Christmas, holiday themes are incomplete without suitable art and craftworks. 

So you see, decorating your home and making it ready for the festive season doesn't really have to be difficult, or expensive. With just a few ideas, a pinch of innovativeness and a dollop of creativity, you can cook-up a festive and welcoming ambiance, which will amaze your guests as well as make you feel joyous and cheerful. At The Maeva Store, our joy doubles up, when we see you fill your carts with festive goodies, leading to merry faces all around!

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