Find The Prettiest Rakhi For Brother From The Maeva Store

No matter how much you have fought with your brother, somewhere in the back of your mind, you know that when trouble comes knocking on your door, it will be him standing before you. So, what if you have a sister for a sibling, she has not only protected you when you got into trouble, but was also your partner in crime. When your brother got married, you thought that you were losing your sibling, without realising you were actually getting a brand-new sister!

Rakhi is so much for so many people – there are only a rare few, who consider this just a festival, because for most siblings, this is a celebration of their love and relationship. It is more than just getting the most gorgeous looking rakhi for your brother, its about telling him how much you love him, no matter how much he irritates you. It is about your brother getting you a pretty looking gift, not just because it is tradition, but also because at the end of the day, there is no one else he will fight the world for!

At The Maeva Store, we always get excited when it comes to festival seasons – whether its Diwali or Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Rakhi; we love getting the home decked up and with Rakhi, we get a chance to deck you up as well! One look at our collection of Rakhis and you will see how pretty and perfect they are!

Come to The Maeva Store, where you will be able to find some of the most beautiful selection of rakhi for bhaiya bhabhi and even the little kiddos of the home:

  • Gulbahaar Tangerine Rakhi – The perfect combination of orange and gold, this is the rakhi for those who like to keep things on the traditional side. The addition of pearl beads and just a tiny amount of bling, makes this a great choice for this festive season.


  • Gulbahaar Gold Rakhi – When you think of Indian festivities, there are some colours that just come rushing to yourmind – shades of orange, red and gold just have to be there. Those are the colours that come alive in the particular Gulbahaar rakhi. The addition of the tiny gold flowers and beads give this rakhi a special glow!


  • Gulbahaar Violet Rakhi–There are those who like subtle and then there are those who like bright, vibrant colours! If you are one of those who would fall in the latter category or your sibling falls in that category, then this violet rakhi would be a really cute choice. Violet works in perfect contrast with pink and the detailing can be best described as incredible!


  • Gulbahaar Crimson Rakhi – There is something about shades of crimson – its not completely red, but there is something vibrant and festive about it. A tiny little seashell sits pretty on top of the rakhi, making this truly one of a kind.



  • Gulbahaar Pearl Rakhi – The colours of a pearl are not only elegant, but also so pretty and that is what we have aimed to recreate in this rakhi. Shades of white play off so well against the light pink that anyone who sees it will take a liking to it.


What makes all the rakhis that you pick and choose from at The Maeva Store is that you can pick them up as singles, for your brother, as loombas for your sister or sister-in-law and there are also kiddie versions on offer. And in case you thought that once rakhi is over, these sacred threads would be meant for the trash, think again, because these make for really cool bookmarks, pretty bag tags and even you hang them on your vanity, they will only add to the beauty!

And then there is the fact that The Maeva Store is one of the best places to go gift shopping – if you are looking for a rakhi gift for a brother or a sister or anyone else that you share that ‘sibling’ like bond with, this is the place where you will want to shop at!

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