Raksha Bandhan Hampers The Maeva Store Style!

There is an everlasting bond that exists between siblings – no matter how much they fight all through the day, at the end of it, the love that they share is truly special. A sister will almost always consider her brother, younger or elder, her best friend and constant companion, who will stand up against the world, to protect and defend her. And when that brother gets married, the sister-in-law often becomes the partner in crime.

There are so many reasons why Raksha Bandhan is more than just a festival – it’s a revival of the love that is shared by siblings, each year and it is also a promise to love, respect and honour each other.


Today, Raksha Bandhan has become a day of celebration and gifting! More and more people are now looking to gift hampers for Rakhi because it is so much more interactive. A gift hamper is so much like a treasure hunt – you open the pack and there is something new to discover and relish!


This year, why not create a hamper for your sister too and at The Maeva Store, we have just about everything you will need. Here are just some ideas on how to create that perfect Rakhi hamper for your darling sister (or sister-in-law):

  • Always start with a nice big basket or tray that can accommodate everything you plan to add to the hamper. Remember to keep some really nice net or lace fabric that you can use to cover the hamper ready as well as some pretty looking twine, thread or ribbon as well to tie it all up!
  • At The Maeva Store, you will be able to pick and choose from some of the prettiest floral décor pieces – whether it’s something for the dinner table or the work desk. You can choose something that is large enough to be placed on the floor (although it might be tough to fit in the larger pieces into a hamper!) or you can pick something that is pretty and petite enough for the dressing table or study table.
  • In case you are not looking to invest in any of the traditional floral décor pieces, you can always look at our collection of brand-new botanical stems. These are the perfect choice for those who like the more minimalistic approach to home décor. You could also take a look at our beautiful botanical bunches, which are perfectly crafted bouquets that your sister will not have to throw away.
  • Our selection of napkin rings also makes for really nice additions to Rakhi gift hampers for sisterthese can be used as napkin rings or even as normal décor pieces.
  • You should also check out our potpourri, which as fragrant as it is pretty – you can choose based on either the scents or you can look for the one that just looks the prettiest!

In the early days, the gifting was done only by the brother – the sister would tie the rakhi and the brother would generally give her some money. Over time, the money turned into gifts and now the trend is such that even brothers are given gifts! And why not – after all, this is a day of joy and sharing!

So, if you want to create really cool Rakhi gift hampers for your brother, then here are some things that we suggest you take a look at:

  • Who doesn’t like cupcakes, which is why we made a floral décor piece shaped similarly – the paper lining actually looks like one you would find on an actual cupcake. Our Floral cupcakes are perfect to place on a work station and is small enough to be kept even in the office.
  • If you are looking for something that is floral, but formal enough, you will also like our collection of glass tube floral decors. Intricately setup dried flowers, come encased in a gorgeous glass tube, making it a perfect gift option.
  • Our latest acetate potpourri collection is also perfect who those who like style and substance all in one! The design itself is really pretty to look at and is sure to capture the attention of anyone who looks at it and then there is the fragrance that you get to enjoy as well!
  • And when you are shopping at The Maeva Store, there is no getting away from the absolutely stunning collection of candles we offer – take your pick based on what kind of scents or even colours your brother might like!

While creating Raksha Bandhan gift hampers is relatively easy at The Maeva Store, you can always consider an e-gift card, which allows your sibling to pick and choose whatever it is that they are looking for! And don’t forget the rakhis – those too you can get at our store.

What are you waiting for? Get your hamper ready and surprise your sibling with not just your love, but also the gifts that you pick from The Maeva Store!

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