Diwali decor that you cannot miss

Diwali Decor


There is just about few days for Diwali and while most of us are still in the Covid induced house arrest situation, there is absolutely no reason why you would not want to get ready for the festival of lights, prosperity and happiness. You might not be able to step out much this year, but that should be no excuse for not decking up your home or yourself, for that matter! And with The Maeva Store by your side, you have little to worry about – we will make sure that your home looks as resplendent as it should for this festive season.


Pink toran


Agreed that not a lot of people will be walking through your front doors this year on Diwali, but does that mean that your decorations should not start from there! We suggest that you browse through our gorgeous collection of torans – the brand new Shubhada toran will be perfect for those who have a taste of the traditional. If you want a dash of extra colour, we suggest that you look at the Aahana toran Paavani, which has shades of orange, red and green. However, if you want something with a little bit of pizzazz, then the would be perfect for you – this pink toran looks traditional, but the colours make it a little unconventional. The Parnita toran is another choice in pink, but the design is a little more contemporary.


door hanging for diwali


In case you don’t want much on the front door, you can always look at door hangings; these work really well inside as well as outside. If you have already added the Paavani, Shubhada or Parnita door hanging to you shopping cart, you will be able to find matching door hangings too. Created using the same flowers and colour schemes, these door hangings will add to the décor. Alternately, you can pick these without the torans too and you can hang them not only on doors, but also on the walls, because no matter where you hang them, attention is guaranteed!


Rangoli for diwali


What is Diwali without a beautiful and elaborate rangoli; but at the Maeva Store, we do even our rangolis a bit differently. One look at our stunning floral rangoli mats, and you will never want to create that traditional rangoli with colour powders anymore. We suggest that you take a look at our Paavani, Shubhada and Parnita rangoli mats – just like their toran and door hangings versions, they have similar colour schemes. The wonderful thing about these rangoli mats is that you can use them in multiple ways – leave them on the floor, hang them on the walls or decorate them inside a traditional thali! Dot them with some tea lights and your home is Diwali ready!!

scented candles


And then of course, how can you get your home ready for without lights – at the Maeva Store, we have the most gorgeous candles you could ever set your eyes on! Our Nalini range has been created for any time of the year, but they hold special significance at Diwali – with the ethereal fragrance of the lotus, the flower seat of Goddess Lakshmi, and the colours that evoke the spirit of Diwali. We suggest you pick different options from the collection – floating candles will work perfectly for your urli filled with water and marigold flowers, the pillar candles will look great on the coffee table or on the cabinet near the entrance. The frosted glass candles are the perfect choice for your dinner table, especially when placed in the middle of a gorgeous rangoli mat and if you want something with a little bit of an edge, might we suggest the Nalini Metallic Glass candles!

It doesn’t matter whether you are celebrating Diwali all alone this year or just with your immediate family, it is a festival that celebrates the happiness and prosperity that is bound to come in the new year – so welcome it with the Maeva Store this year!

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