An exquisite collection of floral torans, door hangings and rangoli mats for Diwali

Diwali decor online

We are well through September and before you know it, the days will have flown past you and November will be here. Now, if you are a smart shopper, you would have already started thinking about what you want to do this Diwali, in terms of decorating your home and even give away as gifts to your loved ones. 

Lucky for you, The Maeva Store is all set with its comprehensive Diwali special collection! Named Nalini, this collection is an ode to the traditional ways of life – Nalini means lotus and while the flower has always been associated with goddess Lakshmi, the patron goddess of Diwali, the fragrance of the lotus flower is ethereal and transcendent, making it the perfect choice for religious and special occasions.

One look at our collection and you will understand why we call it comprehensive – it has everything you will need to decorate your home for Diwali and each décor item will make for wonderful gifting options as well. When you think about a festive occasion, what are the first things that come to your mind – you think of flowers at the entrance of your home, several tiny flickering lights from candles and diyas and a gorgeous rangoli on the floor.

The Nalini collection has it all!


Floral toran


Let’s start with the entrance of your home – every Diwali, you go find a local flower vendor and get a toran to hang on your front door and after two day, when the flowers fade away, you pull them down and throw them into the dustbin. At the Maeva Store, we bring to you an array of the most stunning floral torans, which will never fade away! If you prefer the traditional marigold colours, we suggest the Shubhada toran, which brings together the ever beloved marigold and green with a few dashes of off white and gold. If you like something a little more vibrant, the Aahana toran would be perfect for you – yellow merges perfectly with orange and green. The addition of pearls and gold makes this an opulent choice for your door. And in case you want something completely out of the ordinary, then the Paavani toran is for you – shades of pink blend effortlessly with green, pearls and just a dash of gold! Each of these torans has a design that is unique and just a little whimsical!  


Yellow toran online 

Diwali rangoli mat

It doesn’t matter if you are hopeless are drawing rangolis or just don’t want to get into the hassle, because with our breathtakingly beautiful rangoli mats, you have all the gorgeousness, with zero of the effort. Handcrafted using dried flowers and leaves, pearls and beads, these rangoli mats have been designed to evoke amazement! For those who want to stay with the traditional colours, there is the Shubhada rangoli mat and for those who like a little something perkier, there is the Paavani rangoli mat. So while Shubhada has the traditional colours such as deep yellow and green, Paavani is a riot of pinks and if you are looking for something that is subtle and a statement in elegance, you will most certainly love our Parnita rangoli mat. Whether you choose to place these mats on the floor or inside a traditional thali, the one thing that we can assure you is the attention these mats will get!

diwali door hanging

You want your home decked up for Diwali, but then what about the adjoining festivals such as Dhanteras and Choti Diwali? You can’t have the all-out décor for all these days too, because that might reduce the sheen from actual Diwali day a bit, wouldn’t it. For days like that, we suggest our beautiful range of door hangings – Shubhada is the perfect combination of pale orange and white and will remind you of the décor you would always see at weddings. If you want a door hanging that is more of a statement, then we suggest Paavani – the perfect amalgamation of all shades pink, this wall hanging will certainly become the cynosure of all eyes. And then there is the absolutely incredible Parnita door hangings! Three circles attached to each other, with a tiny golden bell inside offer the perfect foundation for a floral waterfall of pink that end in some more tiny golden bells and the intertwined strings of pearl only add to the allure.

Diwali candles online

And how could Diwali be complete without the diyas and candles – the Nalini collection has plenty for you to choose from. Whether you want the traditional ghee diya or you want something a little more contemporary, you will find something that captures your fancy. There are pillar and cloche candles, that will not only emit a gentle lotus fragrance, but also look statuesque and elegant, and tiny tea lights, which can create that golden glow that only innumerable flickering candles can create. We also suggest the Copper Multi Wick Candle – a single candle with multiple wicks to create that glittering ambience you love!

So, what are you waiting for – our collection is ready and we are pretty sure, so are you!

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