House warming gifts- A beautiful long  dried flower table decor handmade with love.

A new home is a lot more than just freshly painted walls, false ceilings, interesting light fixtures, and modular kitchens. A new home is all about the joy of having a place that you can call your home, a place that you can decorate to your own tastes, and a place that you can show off! So, when you are looking to gift a housewarming gift to someone who has just become the owner of a new home, you need to make sure that you choose with care. Pick something that will add to the décor of their home and make them think of you in the fondest manner possible.

Here is our pick of the top 5 housewarming gifts from the Maeva Store catalog:

Floral photo frame


  • Photo frames – Whether it is the day they got married or when they got the keys to their new home; a family that is entering their new home will have so many memories that they will want to relive, over and over again. So, what better gift than a stunning photo frame that will allow them to keep these special memories on their walls! The Maeva Store brings to you a gorgeous collection of floral photo frames, which can be statement pieces on their own. Created using dried flowers, these photo frames can be used for portraits or landscape style pictures and work really well as décor items for a new home!


Floral Photo frame


  • Scented candles – Setting up a new house is a lot of work and can prove to be quite tiring and stressful. At the Maeva Store, we suggest you gift scented candles, which are not only stunning décor pieces but also really effective calming solutions. With these candles in hand, the tired family can relax and rejuvenate after a long day or unpacking and setting up, or should they want; they can simply use them as decorative items in any room of the house. Should you want, you could also create a hamper with a range of candles, offering them a greater variety to choose from!


Online scented candles


Table decor, dried flowers online


  • Paris Fleur – One of our newer floral additions, the Paris Fleur is what we would call a statement piece; because no matter where you keep this item, it is bound to capture a lot of attention. Created using a palette of purples, pinks, whites, and yellows, this floral decoration is reminiscent of the floral beds one sees hanging out of balconies in Paris; this one, however, one can set on the coffee table, dining table, or anywhere one’s heart desires.


Gift hamper, house warming gift


  • Make your own hamper: At the Maeva Store, there is so much to choose from that getting confused is quite easy. A suggestion that we can make for you is that you create your own gift hamper with whatever catches your fancy. You could create an aromatic hamper with boxes of incense sticks, essential oils, and mood elevators. We suggest you choose from a range of floral, citrus, and fresh fragrances. And when you are adding essential oils and mood elevators, do remember to add aromatherapy set to the hamper. Alternatively, you could look at an incredible metal candle holder and add some tea lights that will complete the hamper. Pick up the Aster gift cycle to add finishing touches to the hamper that will be remembered.


Candle holders online


  • E-gift cardsAnd when all else fails, there are always the e-gift cards! The gift cards are actually a wonderful option because of several reasons – let’s say, you are not exactly sure about the likes and dislikes of the people you are choosing the gift for or you don’t want to have any form of duplication in terms of the gifts they receive, an e-gift card is a great option. All you have to do is, choose your occasion, choose the denomination and as soon as you check out, the gift card will be emailed to the recipient. With an e- gift card, they get to choose what they want from the entire range on offer at the Maeva Store. 

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