20 Ways To Use Scented Sachets

We call it, the decor world's best-kept secret! Some homes just smell perfect all year round, some bags rolling down the baggage remain unaffected with the various smells of the airport, some drawers of the office aren't that dreadful to open; all these have the unassuming scented sachets to credit. 

The fragrant sachet is have a colourful origin- in existence since the 15th century, they grew out of necessity as garments made from velvet and silk could not be washed and hence were perfumed. This ideas developed into miniature cloth bags which were filled with charms, rose petals, calamus roots and other herbs to repel insects, evil-eyes and odour. They gained great favour among the Royals and were popular among the ladies of the Tang, Han and Song dynasty.

Sachets are as popular today as they were in the 15th century so if want these fragrance-charged packets for closed spaces, look no further. Maeva has launched a range of 10 sachets with choices of delightful aromas such as juicy apple, vanilla spice, garden blossom,gardenia, spice market and more! ! Formulated and packed with dried natural flowers, our sachets release a strong scent slowly to permeate small spaces.  

Sleek and small, our sachets can fragrance rooms, closets, office, vehicles, storage, pet areas and more! Here are 20 fun ways to use our sachets:

1. Keep a sachet in your laundry hamper or basket.

2. Towels smell better with a sachet stored nearby.

3. Slide into shoe racks or even in between real odorous shoes

4. Have sweet dreams when you place a sachet in your bedding storage.

5. Attach a ribbon or hook to your sachet and hang then in the middle of your clothing cupboard. 

6. Slip a fresh scented sachet into a drawer or cabinet.

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7. Clip a sachet on top of refrigerator.

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8. Slide a soothing-scented sachet under your pillow for sweet sleep.

9. Place your sachet behind the toilet.

10. Place your sachet in your gym/sports bag. 

11. Place your sachets under car seats and mats.

12. A laptop bag is also a good place to infuse with sachet smells.

13. Use your sachet in gift baskets.

14. Sachets can be a part of your wedding/event favours.

15. Place your sachets in enveloped or invitations.

16. Tuck a sachet in a bookshelf or a magazine rack.

17. Place a sachet in your office or cubicle to freshen up your office space.

18. Hang sachets from wreath, garland or Christmas trees.

19. Store a sachet near pet beds or pet crates.

20. Sachets in  your luggage will keep clothes fresh while traveling!

We'd love to hear the unique ways you use Maeva's sachets Drop us a note on any of our social media to start a conversation! 

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Sweet Daddy

Sweet Daddy

Place sachet in air register to allow scent to be distributed thru out home. Especially when home has been unattended for a given time. Makes things more pleasent..

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