Creating A Candle Collection? These Are The 5 You Need To Have! 

Do you consider yourself a candle connoisseur? Do you own a whole range of candles, which you have kept all over your house? However, if you have not shopped for the essentials at the Maeva Store, there might be a few holes in your collection still. We at The Maeva Store, love everything we have on offer, but we do have a few that we would tout as our favorites too.

Here are our top 5 scented candles, that we think every candle lover should own:

Peony Rose Scented Candle


    1. Peony Rose candle – From our Home Essential Collection comes a floral fiesta! Imagine yourself out in a flower garden, a gentle breeze caressing your face, and the enchanting fragrance of sweet peony roses wafting your way! For us, peonies and their scent are what symbolizes happy summers and that is exactly what we have tried to capture in our Peony Rose Candle – while the dominant notes are of the peonies, you will also get to enjoy fresher undertones of freesia blossoms. Get your own Peony Rose candle, light it up and enjoy a little piece of nature that we have bottled up in this candle for you!


  1. Vanilla Pound Cake – Is there any better scent than that of a freshly baked cake; actually there is! Our Vanilla Pound Cake, a part of our Birthday Collection, is a fragrant replication of a fresh out of the oven vanilla cake. That buttery vanilla fragrance will waft through your home for a long time because each of our scented candles is created to burn longer and spread the fragrance for a much longer time. Pick up this candle and maybe, just maybe, you might be tempted to actually bake your very own vanilla pound cake!

Amalfi coast, Scented candle


  1. Amalfi Coast – When you think of Italy, you think of romance in the air, and when you think of the azure blue waters of the Amalfi Coast, you can only think of a romantic getaway. You think of the warmth of the light brown sand, the clear blue skies and the water that is so pristine that you just want to gaze out for hours at an end. Our Amalfi Coast candles are meant to evoke all those feelings and fragrances – from the crisp saltiness of the ocean water to the freshness you always feel at a beach. Captured inside a jar candle, lighting up this candle might be all you need to evoke that romance inside your home!

scented candle, tuberose scent, best candle online


  1. Water Lotus – There are a few flowers that are as pure and as elegant as the lotus – the flower has been around since ages and from mythological stories to ballads of romance, the reference can be found innumerable times. The soulful scent has been used to adorn deities and the full-body has enamored lovers. Our Water Lotus candle, a part of our glamourous and gorgeous Nalini Collection, sits inside an absolutely spectacular antique-styled cloche in a rich red. While the fragrance will win you over, this candle makes for a stunning design décor item too!

wedding candles, scented candles 

  1. White Tuberose – The heady fragrance of the unassuming white tuberose is one that will captivate you; the fragrance is so strong and so sweet that it has been a part of Indian weddings since time immemorial! We now bring that same fragrance, a part of our Wedding Collection, encased in a beautiful glass jar, that allows you to see the pure white candle. Light up this candle and the mystery of this exotic fragrance will envelop you and transport you to a world of joy, romance, and everything pristine!  

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