Have A Merry Red And Green Christmas With The Maeva Store

This year, you have decided to go back to the roots and have a traditional Christmas, with all the trimmings. Your Christmas tree is all set up in your living room and all it needs is the decorations and even though you have decided on a traditional theme, you do want something a little different from what you have always been using. Don’t fret, because The Maeva Store is always there to help you out with all types of décor related worries that you might have. Coming up with the most innovative Christmas decor and gift ideas as well as designs is our forte and this year is no different – we are back with some of the most incredible décor items in the traditional red and green holiday colours.

Christmas ornaments

Let’s start with the most obvious part of the festive season – the tree! We have launched a range of gorgeous ornaments and baubles that will be perfect for your tree, no matter what its size. While the Green Matte and Red Matte baubles would be the most obvious choices, there are plenty of other options that will work well with the traditional theme. The Rose Gold Matte Bauble, Rose Gold Embossed and Rose Gold Glitter baubles are also great additions to the traditional colour theme. If you want to add a dash of glamour to your red and green theme, you can also add the blue baubles, which are offered in glossy and matte versions and these will add a sense of whimsy and enigma to your tree décor.

Now if you want a tree with glittering silver and gold, along with the traditional red and green, might we suggest you look at the Golden Glossy and Matte baubles and the Silver Glossy and Matte baubles. Chances are that you might also like the Golden Glitter bauble, the Golden Geometric Bauble, the Silver Swirl Bauble and the Jewel Toned baubles, because these are sure to add a sense of glamour to your tree. And you will most certainly not want to miss out on the absolutely adorable Reindeer bauble, which will be like an open invite to Santa to come visit your home!

If you are willing to go a little beyond the traditional Christmas tree ideas, then you will most certainly like the Silver Tone Bauble décor, Golden Pine Cone, the Rosy Red Bauble and the Winter Green Bauble. Each of these is designed to capture the attention of even the most discerning eye and will certainly add glamour and style to your tree. What is great about these baubles is that you need not necessarily hang them only on the tree – hang them around the house anywhere you like and add to the festive cheer!

Christmas table decor

Christmas wreath

Now that your red, gold and green Christmas tree is all set up, you can move to adding the same Christmas cheer around the rest of the house. The Maeva Store has brought for you a range of Christmas décor items that will help you decorate the entire house with a cheerful spirit. Let the festive cheer start from the door of your home, where you can hang one of the many stunning wreaths on offer. Whether you choose the Pine Cone Lit or the Red Berry Wreath, you can be sure that your front door will look really great. Or, if you want to make a real style statement, you might want to look at the Gold Pinecone Wreath or White Ornament Christmas Wreath – both of these have been crafted with slightly non-traditional colours and are sure to be attention grabbers.

scented jar candles

Christmas table decor

At the Maeva Store, you will also be able to find a range of floral bouquets which will work really well with your Christmas décor. We suggest that you look at the extensive range of bouquets on offer and choose one that works best with your overall theme. And in case you are in the mood for the traditional red and green Christmas decor ideas, might we suggest Winter Berry Table Décor, which works well on tables and as the centre piece for dining tables. Dot your home with festive candles in red, gold, silver and white and within minutes your home with be festival ready!

Take cues from the modern Christmas decoration ideas that are abundantly available on the Maeva Store and get your home festival ready!

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