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White Christmas


When you think of Christmas, you think of snow clad mountains, you think of a cheery fire going on in a corner and you think of a giant Christmas tree in the corner of the living room, resplendent with all the traditional ornaments. This year, even though the pandemic has subdued all celebrations, there is no reason why, you can't have a splendid Christmas, right at home. Just come over to The Maeva Store, and we will show you how to create the magic of a white Christmas, right inside your home! All you need is a Christmas tree and a mind that is buzzing with the holiday spirit!


Once you have set up the tree, there are plenty of baubles on offer, each prettier than the other - if you like the simple and understated baubles, then you will love the Sviler Matte bauble and the Golden Matte bauble, because these are as traditional as they can get. You can pick them as a single pieces, as pairs or as sets to decorate the entire tree. However, we think that your tree needs to have several types of baubles to make it truly a stunning white Christmas tree. Add a metallic Glossy Silver bauble or Glossy Golden bauble, which shines so bright that you will be able to see your own face in it and you will suddenly have a monochromatic tree that is modern and contemporary!


Christmas tree Bauble


If you want to add a little more spunk to your tree and make the holiday season magical, then you will love the Silver Bauble, Golden bauble or the white beaded bauble, all of which come in sets of two. These baubles have been created to be statement pieces, without being too loud and will work so well when you are trying to create that white Christmas within your home. Now, let's say you are not in the mood for the typical Christmas decor, then you will definitely love our range of decor pieces that are designed on the lines of holiday season tree baubles, but will stand apart completely! Whether you choose the Silver Tone, the Jewel Toned, or the Snow White X-Mas bauble, you can be sure that these white and silver based baubles will make your tree look perfectly set up for a pristine and a festive look! We also suggest the Golden Laser Cut bauble, which can easily add sophistication to your monochromatic theme.


Christmas Reindeer


How can you even think of welcoming the holiday season without the holiday cheer that Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Vixen and all of Santa's reindeers bring! Presenting the adorable Reindeer X-Mas ornament that will not only be perfect for your Christmas tree, but will also add a dash of whimsy to your decorations. These ornaments will work really well around the house too – so you can keep them on your work desk to add some festive cheer or hang them on doors or curtain rods and make your home look ready for Santa’s arrival!

But what about the people who don't have a Christmas tree - does it meant that they will not get to create the White Christmas theme? Absolutely not! The wonderful thing with Christmas is that even without the tree, you can use Christmas decorations and recreate the holiday cheer in your home. For instance, if you look at the White Pine Cone X-Mas ornament or the gorgeous Winter Green Bauble, you will be reminded of Christmas and you can hang them anywhere you want - whether you choose to hang them on the door knobs or curtain rods in the living room or on either side of your front door! These baubles also work really well as table decors too – whether you want to place them in and around a wreath or just keep them carefully inside a crystal bowl, there is simply so much that you can do with them!


Christmas Wreath


Another Christmas decoration that you will need to complete the White Christmas festive decor is wreaths and at the Maeva Store, you will find plenty of stunning wreaths. Although we love all the wreaths we offer, we are currently in love with the White Ornament Christmas Wreath, which looks like a pine wreath with fresh snow sprinkled all over it! You can choose to hang these wreaths on the wall, place them on your front door or to create a special dinner table look, place them on the table and keep a pillar candle in the middle.


White candles for Christmas


And then of course, there is a huge range of white, silver and gold candles, which will be the perfect addition to your Christmas decorations! We suggest you invest in taper candles as well as glass candles, particularly the Christmas White 15 oz jar, and the Maeva Christmas Golden Candle, which will help bring in a festive look into your home. In case you have any candle stands, you can use them to hold the taper candles and keep them either on the dining table or any side table. You can also create a centre-piece using several pillar candles of varying size – you can pick any of the white pillar candles we offer and place them in a corner and place some baubles around them to add to the Christmas spirit. At the Maeva Store, we also offer white candles in shot glasses, which add a sense of mischief to the celebrations. Alternately, you could look at the monogram candles, as these too come in white and add a really personalised look to your décor.


12 days of Christmas Candles


Christmas is that time of the year, when you are in good cheer and high spirits and your home or living space should definitely reflect the same. And even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, there is no reason why the festive season should not be celebrated in its full glory. So, get set to make your home sparkle with the White Christmas spirit and The Maeva Store!

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