How A Fragrance Can Change Your Day

Did you know that studies have proven that smells have a huge role to play in our lives – there are scents that can increase your productivity, reduce stress levels and some scents can even increase your power to focus! Your ability to smell has a crucial role to play in your overall well being – imagine this, if you could not smell the food you were about to eat, would you really find it appetizing? The use of scents has long been accepted as a part of general health and wellbeing and today, more than over, there is a growing awareness regarding how pleasant and powerful smells can affect us.

By having the right types of scents around you, you can actually change the mood of not only your own self, but also the people around you. For instance, ever think of why your grandmother would always burn an incense stick in the morning, when she lit the lamp – because the fragrance of sandalwood is known to soothe the mind and invigorate you at the same time. When you go to a hill station or to a beach, you always talk about something being there in the air that instantly calms you – yet again, it is the scents in the air, due to the ocean or the trees on the hillside that are creating that effect.


Scented candle


At the Maeva Store, we specialize in bringing to you some of the best scents in the world, in a manner that is easy to use – so whether you choose a really pretty looking scented candle or prefer the aromatherapy or diffuser method, we have you covered! Now, allow us to take you through the scented world of Maeva Store products:


Three wick candle


Candles: At the Maeva Store, we have an amazing array of scented candles that when lit offer a wonderful scent. You can choose ones that appeal to your sense of smell – so if you want to transport yourself to a gorgeous apple orchard somewhere in the hills, light a Mother’s Day pillar or clear glass candle. Alternately, if you want to feel like you are sitting on a beach somewhere far away from the maddening crowd, then you could consider the Blue Ceramic candles, which have the scents of sea salt and ocean moss. There are spa candles that will help create a spa like ambience at home and you can use these to start or end your day; these candles are so convenient to use that you can light them in the bedroom or even in the bathroom, when you are taking a leisurely soak.


Essential oils


Aromatherapy: Perhaps the most obvious way of inviting wonderful scents into your home, is by using pure essential oils or a combination of oils in what we at the Maeva Store call ‘mood elevators’. These oils are extremely potent and when used in the correct method, they can change your mood instantly – so whether you want pep yourself up in the morning or want to soothe yourself down at the end of a long day, there is something for you. The easiest way to use essential oils is by pouring a few drops in an aromatherapy set and light a tea candle underneath. Alternately, you could also look at diffusers or incense sticks, which also offer similar results.




Potpourri: One of the newest offerings from the house of Maeva are potpourri jars, which are a burst of the finest fragrances you can imagine. There are floral fragrances such as rosette and French lavender as well as more fruity options such as honeydew melon and Meyer lemon to choose from. What is great about these potpourri jars is that you can keep them in any room and their fragrance will emanate and excite your senses.

So the next time you want an easy way to change your mood, just shop at the Maeva Store for fragrances and enjoy the scents to transport you to a different world!

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